(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners are becoming more and more mature, and as we become more rational, we will melt into the Fa. As long as we maintain righteous thoughts, we will achieve good results in everything we do. I have some personal experiences of this from several incidents that happened recently.

October 1 was approaching and employees in many work units were practicing for the CCP chorus, including those in my company. Every employee was required to join the chorus, and every day a large amount of time was spent on singing practice. Employees could be absent from work, but they were not supposed to be absent from chorus practice. The songs they sang were to praise the CCP. As a Dafa practitioner, I clearly understand the nature of the CCP, so I would never sing any songs to praise it. When people were singing, I would silently recite the formula for sending forth righteous thoughts. As long they sang, I recited the formula. At the same time I sent out one consistent thought: "The chorus competition will be canceled. Any means to increase the energy or extend the life of the CCP shall be stopped."

I recited the formula for several days, but it seemed that nothing was happening and the chorus practice continued. I thought it was because I had too many attachments and that my righteous thoughts were not strong enough, but I was determined not to give up. Whether my righteous thoughts appeared effective or not, I would do my best to disintegrate the evil. At the same time I developed severe "sickness" symptoms. It started with a toothache, which became severe. Half of my face was swollen and got very hot, and the tooth abscessed. Later I developed a severe headache and I became delirious and could barely walk. I felt ashamed of myself and not worthy of Master's compassionate salvation. I didn't clear the evil, instead I was persecuted by the evil. I failed to show people the greatness of Dafa or Dafa practitioners' good image.

I thought that I must have attachments and I looked inward. I calmed myself down and reflected on what I had been doing. I was doing the three things that Master requires of us, but I hadn't been doing well. Studying the Fa was like a task that I had to complete, and I couldn't even finish a lecture a day. It had been a long time since I started to memorize the Fa, but I hadn't even finished memorizing the first lecture. I could not always send forth righteous thoughts four times a day and I often missed one or two. As for explaining the facts about Falun Gong to people, sometimes I did well and sometimes I didn't. I had been like this for a long time and I had become accustomed to it. If I hadn't reflected on it that day, I would not have noticed it. My cultivation state was not up to the standard required by the Fa. I was no longer a new practitioner. I had been cultivating for such a long time and I knew the meaning of Fa rectification. Was I in a state of a god? Was I able to achieve consummation in such a state? I was not attached to consummation, but wasn't it my purpose that, through cultivation, I would become a selfless enlightened being responsible for the truth of the universe?

I had my own work and life, but that existed for the Fa and for my cultivation. Realizing this, I gradually let my every thought become aligned with the Fa. I measured everything with the Fa. Every minute I was thinking of clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings. I sent forth righteous thoughts around the clock. One day I had a dream. A man had a panacea. As long as you took one tablet, you would recover from your disease instantly. Other people rushed to buy his panacea, but he didn't sell it to them. He insisted on giving it to me. In the dream I said to him that I didn't have any disease and I didn't want his panacea. Then I woke up. I started to practice the exercises and then I went to work. I was busy all morning before I realized that the headache I had had so severely the day before was gone. A short while later it was announced that, in order to prevent the swine flu from spreading, the chorus competition among all the work units in the province was canceled. On hearing this, I couldn't help but shed tears. It was our respected Master who helped me once again to clear the old forces persecuting me and clear the evil factors that praised the CCP.

Yesterday I made plans to go out to clarify the truth today. I looked at the weather forecast, which said it was going to rain. I thought, "Rain can't prevent me from going out to tell people the truth about Falun Gong." Today it was clear and everything went very smoothly. Our compassionate Master is looking after us every minute. He looks at our hearts. As long as we have righteous thoughts, we are then in line with the Fa rectification process.