(Clearwisdom.net) (Correspondent from Liaoning Province) The Gansu No. 1 Forced Labor Camp is located in Huazhuang Township in the Honggu District, Lanzhou City. Since it is in a deep valley, it's very cold. There is a large cemetery next to this camp, which is used as a burial ground for all those detainees who die as a result of torture. Zheng Jun, the political instructor of the No. 6 Division of the camp said openly, "It's very hidden here. We can murder anyone, and no outsiders would know about it." Since July 20, 1999, Falun Gong practitioners have been persecuted here. At one time, more than 200 practitioners were detained here; many died or were disabled as a result of the inhuman torture.

Beginning in 2000, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) allocated hundreds of millions of yuan to extend and rebuild the camp. The money was spent mainly on the construction of the southern and northern wards, as well as the supplementary facilities. It is reported that for every practitioner accepted to the camp, officials would receive 15 to 20 thousand yuan from the provincial 610 Office.

Zeng Linfeng, former head of the camp, embezzled the construction funds and took millions of yuan in bribes. In 2002 he was given a 7-year prison sentence. His successor, Ji Peirong, continued to incite his subordinates in the administrative section, education section, and strict-control section (the No. 11 Section of the No. 6 Division) to persecute the practitioners.

Dong Faqiang from the Administrative Section is known for his cruelty. When he was a section leader at Qinghai Prison, he beat a practitioner to death. Subsequently, the CCP transferred him to the forced labor camp and appointed him to an important position. The No. 6 Division utilized multiple methods of torture on practitioners, including beating, verbal abuse, and physical torture. Once the practitioners were taken to that ward, they lost all their freedom. The guards would designate two drug offenders or thieves to closely watch each practitioner and supervise his movements 24 hours a day. Whatever the practitioners wanted to do required permission from their personal supervisors; otherwise, they would be verbally abused, beaten, or forced to stand still for a long period of time. Immediately following his arrival, each practitioner would be kept in isolation for three months. Those who refused to cooperate with camp authorities would be locked in isolation for as long as six to nine months. The persecution of the practitioners ran through all the daily activities, including during meals, in sleep, walking, working, and even going to toilet.

The methods of persecution used are summarized as follows:

  1. Sudden interrogation and using the tactic of questioning in turns to tire the victim out

  2. Brainwashing and trying to force the victim to slander Dafa

  3. Creating confusion about black and white, right and wrong

  4. Using hearsay evidence and exaggeration

  5. Fabricating rumors and falsifying evidence

  6. Ghostwriting statements and trying to force the victims to sign them,

  7. Quoting out of context and piecing together accusations,

  8. Investigating to identify "accomplices" in order to extend the scope of persecution.

    The guards also extorted confessions through torture and tried to force the practitioners to renounce Falun Gong. The cruelty of their methods is unprecedented in both ancient and modern history.

Duan Jiping, the current head of the Division; Zheng Jun, political instructor; Jin Yongyao, deputy head of the division; Hang Ximing, head of the section; Wang Cheng, instructor, and Li Wenhui, a former instructor, are all guilty of participating in these practices.

Crimes committed by guard Duan Jiping

Duan Jiping, 37 or 38 years old, is from Qin'an County, Tianshui City, Gansu Province. He became the head of the division in March 2008. He actively cooperated with the CCP to inhumanly persecute practitioners. He signed orders to put Mr. Dong Huide in confinement for two months, Mr. Yue Fengtai for one month, and Mr. Kang Shangwen for one month. Mr. Kang was also cuffed to the iron chair for five days. Duan Jiping also incited guards Han Ximin, Wang Cheng, Guo Junfeng, and Li Wenhui, as well as inmates Xun Hongtao, Ma Ping, Chen Jungang, Yuan Fang, Liu Hongwei, and others, to beat Mr. Yang Zonglin, who was locked in confinement. His peritoneum was damaged as a result of the beating and he began to suffer from acute peritonitis. Since his condition was critical, he was sent to the provincial hospital of the forced labor camps, where he underwent more than a month of treatment before being released on bail for further treatment.

Due to Duan Jiping's cruelty, the whole No. 6 Division became extremely evil and the atmosphere there was very tense. Besides beating the practitioners, the guards also encouraged the resident bullies, inciting them to beat and insult the practitioners. They also assigned other inmates to supervise the practitioners. The guards used "reduction of demerit points" to press the inmates to torture the practitioners.

Duan Jiping once said, "Labor is a most effective method of persecution." A few years ago, he forced the practitioners to do hard labor in a brick foundry. The hard labor made the practitioners extremely fatigued, so they did not have any strength to think about anything else. He was very satisfied with the long-term workload and torture. Subsequently, the No. 6 Division always imposed hard work, and Duan Jiping often pressed the practitioners to work overtime, even on Sundays. When there was no work to do, he would ride a bicycle to look for work. Last winter when it was extremely cold, he forced the practitioners to move a three to five-meter cypress. As a result, Mr. Dong Huide and Mr. Li Qinben, as well as drug offender Gong Feng were injured. There are many more cases of persecution like the ones listed here.