We are Falun Dafa practitioners that have been imprisoned and persecuted in the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, we call for help from society to pay attention to the persecution of practitioners taking place in this prison.

For a long time, the guards in this prison that participate in persecuting practitioners have used very bad prisoners to help persecute practitioners in all kinds of brutal ways. The prison uses the enticement of sentence reductions to get the prisoners to beat and berate practitioners in order to reduce their terms. The police also cuff the practitioners, force them to stand or sit for a long time, do not give them anything to eat, insult them, do not allow them to sleep, and torture them mentally.

The fourth prison district is the one that persecutes practitioners most severely. The newly promoted team leader of the fourth district, Chen Xianying, has incited prisoners Guo Haiying and others sent to monitor the practitioners to beat them brutally. On September 8, 2009, Guo Haiying called the prisoners who monitored the practitioners to drag practitioner Ms. Hua Xiaojuan from her bed to the floor, forcibly dressing her in prison clothes and then dragging her to the window. The prisoners said to her, "The video camera cannot scan here. There will be no proof that we beat you." Then they threw the other prisoners out of the cell and started to beat Ms. Hua brutally. They did not allow her to write an appeal letter. When she started to write, they tore the letter into pieces and stuffed them into her mouth, causing her mouth and nose to bleed. The prisoners laughed at what happened. Practitioners Ms. Lan Hongying, Ms. Zhou Qiaohang, and Ms. Ba Lijiang were also beaten and mistreated, and Ms. Lan was locked in a solitary compartment for no reason.

In the sixth prison district, team leader Yan Yuhua gave supervisory powers to prisoner Xu Zhen, who in turn hired others to do her dirty work, and prisoner Fei Enrong, who sold narcotics and was involved in organized crime, to persecute practitioner Ms. Wang Aihua many times. Fei Enrong was incited by Yan Yuhua and threatened Ms. Wang many times, saying that she would hire criminals to harm her family members. Yan Yuhua actively participated in persecuting practitioners and for a long time forcibly attempted to "transform" them. She did not allow practitioner Ms. Yang Min to sleep for a month. She keeps her team leader position because she persecutes Falun Gong practitioners.

The eleventh prison district is where practitioners are persecuted the most severely. It is called the "tackle the fort" division. The district set aside certain areas in the prisoners' dorm for the purpose of persecuting practitioners. Team leader Wang Yali gave supervisory powers to prisoner Cui Xiang. With Wang Yali's support, Cui Xiang does not even care about the guards and has become the prison tyrant.

The seventh and thirteenth district hold practitioners that have been brainwashed and "transformed." Those practitioners can no longer take the lies and all the brutal tortures and gave up practicing Falun Gong against their will. But deep in their hearts, they have not given up their belief in Falun Dafa. They also suffer from mental tortures and monitoring. When they lean even slightly toward Dafa, they are immediately isolated in the solitary cells. Many practitioners who went back to cultivating Dafa and published their solemn declarations are also imprisoned here and suffer even even more brutal persecution.

In the first, second, and tenth prison districts, many practitioners were brutally persecuted because they went on a hunger strike to protest their persecution. Some practitioners went on hunger strike for two to three years. They were extremely weak, but they were still monitored and brutally treated. The police did not allow their families to visit them, did not allow them to buy anything from the prison store, and did not allow them to write letters to the outside. Prisoner He Yingjie in the first prison district persecuted practitioner Ms. Hu Aiyun for one and a half years. She beat and yelled at her and forcibly fed her food with boiling water. Practitioners reported He Yingjie's crimes to the warden many times, but He Yingjie was still assigned by the prison to watch and persecute Falun Dafa practitioners.

It is written in the official "Prison Regulations, "The police cannot hand over their supervisory powers to anyone else." But the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners that occurrs in the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison clearly violates that regulation.

The former warden, Liu Zhiqiang, was notorious for actively persecuting practitioners. The practitioners were discriminated against and mistreated. With the former warden's support, the criminals disregarded the law, committed crimes in the prison, and brutally beat anyone who displeased them. In this environment, a shocking murder took place in the second prison district at the prison factory during working hours. Former warden Liu Zhiqiang and other guards finally lost their jobs because of this incident.

The new warden has been in place for two years. She actively persecutes practitioners and has set persecuting practitioners as the standard for prisoners to earn term reductions.

Under the new warden's reign, an attempted murder with scissors occurred in the first prison district. Although the scissors had been locked away, a prisoner got and used them as a weapon during a fight. At the critical moment, all the guards and prisoners were so frightened they did not know what to do. It was practitioner Ms. Liu Chunlan who stepped forward and risked her life to separate the two parties. Finally the fight was stopped, but she was injured. Even though this practitioner had done this brave thing, the prison did not mention her name at all. Guards and prisoners that still had a conscience said, "Only the Falun Dafa practitioners make us feel safe. Practitioners are the only hope for us to rectify ourselves and be saved in the future."

We call for help to stop the persecution of practitioners imprisoned in the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison. We call for help from governments and people around the world to support us and help us to stop this persecution immediately.