(Clearwisdom.net) My name is Ma Youngli and I am 60 years old. I live in Friendship Village, Lequn Town, Shuangcheng City, Heilongjiang Province. Below are incidents that I want to share about experiencing the miracles of Falun Dafa. My main purpose is to help people realize that Falun Dafa is good. Do not miss this precious opportunity that only comes once in tens of thousands of years.

In 2006, I was diagnosed with stomach cancer. In order to survive, I looked for doctors everywhere. I heard people saying that Harbin City Hospital had a drug that could cure cancer. I went there but was disappointed to find it was only a painkiller. At that time, an old Chinese medicine doctor found out I was in great pain. He took me to his home. I saw Teacher Li's portrait hanging in his room. He told me that I would recover if I believed in Falun Dafa.

After returning home, I realized that my stomach did not hurt anymore. When I went to have a check up, the cancer was gone. It was the beginning of the fall harvest, and I earned over five thousand yuan working in the fields. People in my village asked how I had recovered from my stomach cancer. They wondered why others with such illness died, while I was alive and healthy. At that time, I had the attachment of being afraid and did not tell them the truth. However, deep in my heart, I genuinely felt very grateful to Teacher Li for curing my stomach cancer.

In 2008, I noticed a tumor as big as a duck egg growing on my buttocks. For two weeks I endured the pain. Then I went to a doctor, who told me it would cost five thousand yuan for an operation. Before the day of the operation, I went to see a Dafa practitioner. She saw my pale face and asked me what had happened. I told her that I had a tumor and was going to have an operation the next day. She immediately asked me, "Do you believe in Dafa?" I replied, "Yes, I do." She then gave me a truth-clarification bookmark and told me to genuinely repeat "Falun Dafa is good" in my heart and I should be OK without the operation.

After returning home, I sincerely recited those words and did not take any medicine for the whole night. I did not feel any pain. The next morning when I woke up, I noticed that the tumor was gone. My spouse did not believe that such a big tumor could have simply disappeared. However, my spouse touched that area and found that it was truly gone. I was very excited and went to that practitioner's home and told her that my tumor was gone after one night. She said, "It was our benevolent Teacher who has saved you!" I kowtowed to Teacher Li and thanked him for saving me again. When people in the village asked me how I recovered, I told them it was Teacher Li who saved me! Whenever I met someone, I would tell him or her about the miraculousness of Dafa. Many people that did not believe in Dafa changed their view about the practice.

On the morning of September 23, while I was working in the fields, I got awfully cold and wanted to drink some alcohol to warm me up. However, I had not brought any with me. I looked around and noticed a bottle sitting on top of a grave mound. I took it and drank all of it. When I stood up to continue with my work, I stumbled on the grass and used my hand to break the fall. My hand swelled up immediately and began to really hurt. I had to go home. The swelling got so bad that my hand looked like a bear paw. I went to Shuangcheng City and got an X-ray and was told that my hand was seriously injured. The doctor gave me medicine and told me to take some injections for one week, which cost me over five hundred yuan. Even still, the pain was unbearable. Then I thought of Falun Dafa. I went to a practitioner's home and asked Teacher Li to heal my hand overnight. I said I would rather stay in jail for ten years than suffer the pain in my hand. The practitioner said, "It's only when you encounter difficulties that you think of Dafa. You have an attachment of pursuit." I told her, "I would do anything as long as my hand does not hurt." Therefore, I burned incense and bowed to Teacher Li and asked him to heal my hand.

After returning home I had a dream that night. I dreamed that Teacher Li came to my home riding on a lotus flower. Teacher Li said, "You made a mistake, am I right? You should not steal other people's alcohol. Go and replace it for them. You did not stumble on the grass. It was a lesson for you to remember. You may call it 'immediate retribution in this lifetime.' Now Falun Dafa has been introduced in the world. You have a great predestined relationship with Dafa. I will heal your hand so that you can witness the miraculousness of Dafa. Do not make mistakes like this again in the future."

After I woke up, my hand no longer hurt although it looked the same as before. I was truly thankful to Teacher Li! Now, whenever I meet someone, I tell him or her about these three incidents that happened to me, so that those who do not believe in Dafa will know how miraculous it is.