(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP), under the protection of its armored vehicles, special police forces, armed police, and one or two million security personnel, has finally finished the "big celebration" of its sixtieth anniversary of seizing power. Throughout history, there have been no other countries where the government held national celebrations as does the communist regime by assuming all the citizens of the nation are enemies, and closely monitoring each and every person, arresting people at will.

There are also no countries where the government holds celebration ceremonies where price is no object. To ensure that there were clear skies during the ceremonial military review on October 1, the regime's air force, under the guidance of the meteorologists, carried out the task of "washing the sky." It launched 432 rocket bombs to artificially seed the clouds that could form rain so as to make them rain early.

After the ceremony, the regime dares not reveal to people how much money was spent on the activity. Several hundred million yuan was spent just for the 40 million potted flowers, but this expense was of course only a tiny fraction of the total spending. In my view, this tremendously costly "ceremony" was just a piece of very expensive "new clothes for the emperor." Being afraid that its intentions might be disclosed by others, the regime went so far as to mobilize armored vehicles, special police forces, and armed police to "escort" the parade. While tightly controlling the traditional propaganda, the regime has also intensified its efforts in blocking the Internet, apparently aiming to turn all Chinese people deaf, blind, and mute.

Of the world's countries, China has the most Internet users, who, however, have the least amount of freedom and faced the severest Internet restrictions. The communist regime has the toughest Internet blocking technologies, while Chinese Internet users have the best "anti-Internet-blocking" software. This scenario however, in itself reflects the misery of the Chinese people. Since early September, the regime, on top of its already very strict Internet blockage imposed at that time, started even more frenzied Internet blocking in the form of shutting down websites, discussion forums, and blogs, etc.

The CCP wanted to use its sixtieth anniversary of seizing power to show its "great achievements." Such a costly "emperor's new clothes" was just used for glorifying itself and creating a false impression of "a rich nation with a powerful military." By presenting a false picture of peace and prosperity, by brainwashing people, the regime has attempted to cover up the truth about its disintegration due to the great tide of the "three withdrawals" (Chinese people withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League and the Communist Young Pioneers). The regime is in fact, not far from total collapse.

People may still remember that the communist Soviet Union, before its collapse, was much more powerful than the Chinese Communist regime in its military, but could still not escape the fate that people all knew. The Chinese Communist regime has used all means to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, the dissidents, and the citizens who attempt to legally appeal to the government about all kinds of injustices. In the meantime, it has tried to block the spreading of information, and to cover the facts of the persecution. In actuality, during the sixty years of the regime's rule, there are no real citizens in the "People's Republic of China." Many Chinese who have awakened have also started to understand this fact.

In the past, the Chinese president Liu Shaoqi held the "Constitution" and claimed that he was a citizen of the People's Republic of China and his personal safety was under the protection of the law. However, the law had not protected him and he could not escape the fate of being tortured to death. Even though the Chinese president had enjoyed many privileges, he still could not enjoy the rights enjoyed by common citizens in Western society. Under the communist regime, the law is just a tool for its ruling class, and is not a protective umbrella for the lives, property, and rights of the people.

Falun Gong practitioners are being murdered by the CCP, while the CCP issues lies stating that the person has committed suicide. A young man's death due to playing a "hide-and-seek" game (1), and many other cases have genuinely reflected the fact that the regime's police place no value on human lives. The regime's local governments tear down people's houses at will and take people's land away by force... The rights deserved by the Chinese citizens are tossed away like a piece of waste paper.

The violation of one person's legal rights and interests is, in fact, a violation of all people's rights and interests. Because of the CCP's monopoly of the media and its brainwashing, Chinese people have lost their rights to know and their capability to think independently. Because of the regime's long-time abuse of power and its enslaving education, Chinese people have been forced to live in terror and have lost the dignity of being human and the character of thinking independently. Because of the dictatorial control, many Chinese people have become brainwashed and can't truly see the its evil nature and the genuine conditions they are in. With all these, it would be a better reflection of reality if the communist's head on Tiananmen Square said, "Lackeys, you have worked really hard!"

The communist regime has plagued the nation and people for sixty years. In those years, the legal rights of the Chinese people have been deprived and 80 million Chinese people's lives taken away. For over ten years, the regime has been relentlessly persecuting Falun Gong practitioners because they held on to their faith. During this persecution, the regime has taken the approach of "Falun Gong practitioners' deaths due to torture are to be counted as suicides." So far, there are at least 3300 Falun Gong practitioners who were tortured to death. There are also numerous practitioners whose families have been torn apart because of the persecution.

The regime has never hesitated in using any means to present a picture of false peace and prosperity and deceive people,. Under the clear "washed" sky, the regime's new "three mountains" (housing, medical care, and education problems) have almost suffocated the Chinese people. The "emperor's new clothes," however grand it is, cannot cover its corruption and wickedness, nor will people forget its history of atrocity.


(1) Li Qiaomin, 24, arrested under the charge of cutting and stealing trees, was brought to a detention center on January 30, 2009, and died on February 12, due to a severe brain injury. But the police claimed that he died from injuries sustained when he accidentally hit the wall while playing hide-and-seek.

October 3, 2009