(Clearwisdom.net) Practitioner A, who is responsible for producing truth clarification materials and his wife both had good jobs. As a result of the persecution, they were forced to give up their jobs and move to another city. They were unable to get in touch with local practitioners and it was difficult to make a living. Under such an adverse environment, they bought an old computer to help them make truth clarification media. At that time, there was a great shortage of materials in many locations. He not only distributed some of the materials by himself, but also supplied other locations with the media, along with Minghui Weekly. The distance he covered was over one hundred miles, yet he delivered every week without interruption, rain or shine.

He was about to distribute truth clarification materials one day. It was snowing heavily with a foot of snow already on the ground. He could barely ride his motorcycle, and fell several times, but he persisted in distributing the materials. At first, this practitioner would deliver the materials to practitioner B's home. However, the environment in practitioner B's home was not so good, so he had to deliver the materials when her husband was not at home. If the timing was not right, practitioner A had to wait outside.

On another occasion, practitioner B took him to practitioner C's home, whose family environment was relatively good. Her husband and children learned the truth and supported Dafa. Once, when C's husband saw practitioner A, he warmly invited her to stay for dinner. During the dinner, A said that his cultivation condition was not so good and that he wanted to participate in the group study, however, there wasn't a good environment available for group Fastudy. After hearing this, C thought about establishing a Fa study group at her home to help this practitioner.

I was fortunate to be a member of this Fa study group. Four of us studied Fa and shared experiences together. We pointed out each other's shortcomings, and looked inward to identify attachments. Within several days, we improved rapidly. At the beginning, our purpose was to help A, but we all benefited. From this experience, I enlightened that helping a fellow practitioner is a process of improving oneself.

When a fellow practitioner experiences tribulations, he needs our support the most. We cannot be distracted by his surface shortcomings. Instead, we need to help him to improve rapidly by understanding the Fa with great compassion. We need to be reminded of the good side of our fellow practitioners, and forgive their shortcomings, then we can harmonize and form a whole body.

Since then, my xinxing has significantly improved. Whenever I encounter problems at work, daily life or cultivation, I evaluate it with the Fa, and truly achieve:

"Study Fa, obtain Fa, Compare in studying, compare in cultivating, Examine each and every deed, Accomplishing is cultivating." ("Solid Cultivation" from Hong Yin) (Official Translation)

On my future cultivation path, I will be strict with myself, and be more diligent in doing the three thing well to save more sentient beings.