(Clearwisdom.net) I have been quite busy the last several days; therefore, my mind was not tranquil when reading the Fa, and I was not consistent with the exercises. Generally speaking, I felt unstable, impetuous, and extremely tired. This state lasted five days.

I determined that this state was due to my lack of adjustment, which I should have made immediately when the bad state first appeared. Usually, I just postpone the adjustment. At first, I would use human methods to adjust it, until it became impossible to get better. I realized that it was time to calm down and study the Fa, and to look within. This process wastes a lot of time. Such dilatory phenomena manifest in many ways.

For example, when I don't feel right, I decide to take a break. I wait until I've recovered well, then I start to do things; or, now I do not feel comfortable, so I do not need to practice the exercise until I feel comfortable; or, now my mind is not quiet, so I will put off Fa study until I can attain tranquility.

When an ordinary person feels hot, he wants to use a fan; however, when a cultivator feels hot, it is very likely that he might feel hotter under a fan. Most of the time, the longer you sleep, the sleepier you feel; the more you are afraid that bad things will happen, the more bad things actually happen.

The principles for cultivators are reversed from those of ordinary human beings. Besides, I feel that my dilatory state originates from my superficial understanding of the Fa, or not really trusting in Teacher and the Fa. Actually, Dafa's power is virtually boundless. The reason that I do not sense it, is because I have not aligned with the Fa to do things, and that's why I am always sloppy.

I enlightened that Falun is able to correct all incorrect states, and it can do this immediately. In the future when I am in an inappropriate state, I should correct myself immediately. In my daily life, work and social activities, I should maintain a genuine practitioner's proper status.

The above is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.

October 1, 2009