Name: Sun Dexiang (孫德香)
Age: In her 50's
Address: Wuying District, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province
Occupation: Unknown
Date of Most Recent Arrest: July 25, 2009
Most recent place of detention: Wumahe Detention Center (烏馬河看守所)
City: Yichun
Province: Heilongjiang
Persecution Suffered: Detention, Interrogation, Sleep Deprivation, Home Ransacked, Extortion
Key Persecutors: Zhang Yinle(張蔭樂), Wang Yinggui(王英貴), Jiao Yongjun(焦永軍)

( (Correspondent in Heilongjiang Province) Ms. Sun Dexiang was detained for over 2 months before being secretly transferred to the Wumahe Detention Center on September 16. During her detention, she was deprived of sleep for four days straight. This was an attempt to weaken her will and make her talk so that they could gather evidence to convict her.

Ms. Sun is in her 50's. Practicing Falun Gong had made her healthy and energetic. Previously, she was detained for over 20 days when she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

In the evening on July 25, 2009, about 5 to 6 officers from the Public Security Bureau including Zhang Yinle, Jiao Yongjun, Wang Yinggui, and others, went to Ms. Sun's home. The officers trespassed into Ms. Sun's home and arrested her. They took away some of her personal belongings including a computer, a paycheck, and other items. She was detained at the Wuying Detention Center. On August 4, her family members went to the Wuying Detention Center but they were not allowed to see her.

At the time of her arrest, police officers in the Wuying area were patrolling the streets with guns, creating an atmosphere of terror. Unconfirmed reports claim that during the time of Ms. Sun's arrest, some elderly practitioners were also arrested. Because information about the arrests have been censored, these reports have yet to be confirmed.

After her arrest, Ms. Sun was held at the Wuying Detention Center. Sources claim that detainees at the Detention Center are to scheduled to be sentenced. Ms. Sun was transferred to the Wumahe Detention Center on September 16. According to her family, the Wuying Detention Center office had already transferred her case to the Provincial Public Security Office, and they are ready to sentence her without notification.

Participants in Ms. Sun's arrest on the evening of July 25, 2009:

Zhang Yinle: 86-3812544-3627 (Office), 86-381-3802577 (Home), 86-13089611626 (Cell)
Wang Yinggui: 86-3812544-3627 (Office), 86-381-6109266 (Home), 86-13945894133 (Cell),
Jiao Yongjun: 86-381-3808043 (Office), 86-13351080658 (Cell)

Political and Judicial Committee of Wuying District, Yichun City:

Ma Liguo (in charge of persecuting practitioners): 86-458-3819249 (Office), 86-458-3813323 (Home), 86-13091482898 (Cell)

Wumahe Detention Center: 86-4583939130