(Clearwisdom.net) On January 3, 2009, Divine Performing Arts (DPA) New York Company staged their second show in Ottawa National Art Center.

Rowe, a senior official in Canadian Royal Mounted Police, and his wife watch the DPA show

Rowe, a senior official in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and his wife attended the DPA show in Ottawa. They praised, "Fantastic."

Rowe said, "I liked the orchestra's performance. They did very well. I am not a musician, but I appreciate their efforts."

His wife said her favorite piece was "Dignity and Compassion," "It presents the message of belief. You must believe and be steadfast in belief." She said she liked all the stage scenery, and felt that the performers were outstanding.

Rowe said the theme was Chinese traditional culture about deities and Buddha. He said he had predestined relationship with the culture and that was why he had a Chinese wife. He said he had visited his wife's hometown in Taiwan. His inner heart was touched by the natural environment there.

Diane, an analyst for a large company, said after watching the show that it was colorful and outstanding. She said, "My most favorite was tenor Hong Ming. His loud song fascinated me. From the lyrics translated and shown on backdrops, I could understand the meaning." The theme of the show was very coherent. Traditional culture and Falun Dafa are consistent. She said she also came to understand the persecution of Falun Gong in China.

Diane said the theme was peace and harmony, expressed very well and appropriately. The programs related to the five-thousand-year Chinese culture. She also enjoyed the Tibet dancing. She said that all programs seemed to be arranged very carefully.