(Clearwisdom.net) During the process of validating the Fa, in order to better save all beings, we should coordinate as one body and cooperate with the Falun Dafa Association. In the course of cooperation, everything that makes us feel uncomfortable is a chance to improve. It is a good thing.

When we disagree with what the Falun Dafa Association does, we should first look inward. Which attachment of ours caused the disagreement? The part of us that we have cultivated well would not be moved. Everything is in the process of assimilating to the Fa. It is a good thing.

When we think that something arranged by the Falun Dafa Association is inappropriate, we should harmonize with it unconditionally to reduce the loss. This is the responsibility of a Dafa particle. It is a chance for us to build our own mighty virtue, and it is also a good thing.

Although every true cultivator knows these principles, sometimes our coordination as one body does not go well. We cannot use the excuse that we still have a human side. The human side is what a practitioner should let go of unconditionally. However, in our daily practice, I have often heard practitioners criticize those practitioners from the Falun Dafa Association and express dissatisfaction about them. The dissatisfaction itself is interference. It serves to intensify the factors separating our practitioners. Why did they talk about these things behind the practitioners' backs? If we think there is a problem with someone in the Falun Dafa Association, we should point it out face to face and kindly remind him or her. It is possible that a practitioner in the Falun Dafa Association might not do very well in certain things, and still not change after other practitioners point it out repeatedly. Perhaps the practitioner does not pay enough attention to other practitioners' comments. However, I feel such a state formed over a long time was fueled by everyone. An ordinary person can have a complete change after practitioners clarify the truth to him many times. Why can't a practitioner have such a change?

The practitioner who criticized the practitioners in the Falun Dafa Association the most was actually putting the Falun Dafa Association in a more important position. Why can he share experiences with other practitioners so harmoniously? The practitioners in the Falun Dafa Association are also practitioners, aren't they? When they do things not related to the Falun Dafa Association, they are also common Dafa practitioners. Because many practitioners overemphasized the Falun Dafa Association, they could not correctly deal with the relationship with the practitioners in the Falun Dafa Association. It interrupted communication and formed gaps among practitioners. They could not point out those practitioners' shortcomings, which would have helped them to truly upgrade their xinxing. As a result, the practitioners in the Falun Dafa Association lacked a positive sharing environment and showed some shortcomings in cultivation. Wasn't it caused by us? Aren't they waiting for us to point out the shortcomings so that we can upgrade together?

We should take responsibility for the genuine improvement of our fellow practitioners. We should not have conflicts with each other in formality. We may have different understandings, but we should share our understandings, and try to understand each other in order to form a whole body.