(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Tian Huiying was killed in a so-called "suicide attempt" in July 2005 as claimed by the Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was 50 years old. I witnessed the entire process of her being persecuted.

Before her death, Ms. Tian Huiying was detained at the No. 6 Team of the No. 1 District in Sanshui Women's Forced Labor Camp. She was often monitored by criminal inmates who would beat her up. Her hands and feet were black and blue with bruises. At night, I often saw her with an empty bucket standing near the door. She wanted to get some water but could not (since there were so many drug addict inmates and limited water usage). Therefore, she was the only one who was standing on one side when they were lined up. However, the guards claimed that she refused to wash herself. As a result, the drug addicts said she smelled bad and treated her even more poorly.

One day during July 2005, the forced labor camp held an art performance and invited some disabled people to sing songs. That day, during lunch time, people from the No. 6 Team were lined up to get ready to go to the cafeteria to have lunch. When they passed by the door of the No. 4 Team, a car carrying performance equipment drove out of the cafeteria (which is also used as a stadium). The car drove out of the cafeteria, passed the door of the No. 4 Team, and struck Ms. Tian Huiying. The wheels of the car drove over her legs and feet. She immediately lost consciousness.

Later on, the team leader and police said that Ms. Tian had run towards the car to commit suicide and that the people who were monitoring her could not stop her. In fact, there were no guards at the scene. Moreover, the two criminals who were monitoring Ms. Tian were very strong young men. How could they have been unable to stop Ms. Tian Huiying, who was emaciated and only skin and bones? I witnessed with my own eyes that Ms. Tian Huiying was walking on one side of the line. The car hit her on purpose.

The next day, the police told the people in the forced labor camp that nobody was allowed to talk about the event, not even to mention it to people in other teams or outsiders. They threatened that anyone who leaked the news would be punished with an extended term. The police also spread the lie that Ms. Tian Huiying was fine, and that only her feet were hurt. In order to block the news, people in the forced labor camp were not allowed to make outside calls for two months.

In fact, it was well known that Ms. Tian had not run towards the car to commit suicide. The guards were afraid of being held responsible for what happened, so they reported to their superiors, people in other teams, and to her family members, that Ms. Tian had committed suicide by running towards the car. Some witnesses tried to tell what really happened, but the police said, "It is not true even though you saw it with your own eyes!"