(Clearwisdom.net) The year 2008 was a tragic year for many parents in China. On the day of May 12, a catastrophic earthquake struck the Wenchuan region of Sichuan Province. Nearly 20,000 children lost their lives as their poorly constructed schools collapsed on top of them, leaving behind their grief-stricken and broken-hearted parents. In mid September, the toxic milk scandal made the news, revealing that 300,000 infants were adversely affected. Their parents, too, were wracked with grief and anxiety, helplessly watching their children suffer.

What has made the parents of the young victims of the earthquake feel even more sorrowful is that their children could have been saved. The CCP authorities had prior knowledge of the predicted earthquake, but they deliberately withheld the news under the excuse of maintaining public stability for the "Olympic Games" and they only informed a small number of military institutions. This cover-up caused horrific and tragic deaths. Thousands of children could also have been spared if the schools had been built according to the same standards as nearby government buildings. Instead, they died buried in rubble.

What makes the parents in Wenchuan feel most shocked and unbearable is that the government has failed to admit the facts and responsibilities which are so clearly apparent. The government not only refuses to look for those responsible, but also prohibits the parents to investigate. Whoever attempts to investigate is monitored, threatened or even beaten up and incarcerated. In official reports issued by the local government, all responsibility is laid on to the school building contractors, the local governments, education institutions and the central government.

The toxic milk scandal is a disaster created solely by man, therefore the government cannot use natural disaster as an excuse to escape their responsibilities. The CCP regime and the company that produced the milk powder knew about the damages it caused well before the Olympic Games, but they intentionally covered up the facts. They deprived the Chinese people of their right to know, causing a great number of infants to continue to consume the poisonous product.

Half a century ago, more than 30 million people died from starvation in China, while the CCP regime kept increasing foreign aid to boost its international image. If half of what the CCP regime had spent in foreign aid was used to help its citizens, then no one would have died from starvation.

Today, the CCP regime tries its best to present a false international image by covering up the toxic milk powder scandal, causing 300 million Chinese people to continue to drink the poisoned product; up to 6 million of them children.

The Communist regime still tries to cover up the toxic milk powder scandal and to shift people's attention by refusing to publicize the latest figure of infected children and deliberately covers up the death toll of infected infants. While the infected children were crying in pain, the regime publicized the temporary administrative quantity limits for the melamine in milk products, and said that the milk powder that had previously been taken off shelves could be put back on for sale again as long as it met the quantity limit! Basically what the regime is doing is legalizing the production and the sale of poisoned and compromised products.

Many parents went to shops to ask for a refund, and many of them hoped that they could get compensation through legal channels. However, the regime has always viewed victims as a destabilization factor that threatens its dictatorship.

In September, when many victims from Quiyang City went to Zhengxin Street to return the milk powder and to ask for a refund, they were labelled as "lawless elements in society" by the Yunyan Police Station in Guiyang and three of the victims were detained with the accusation of "disturbing social order."

The regime has been delaying compensation to victims' families. Parents of victimized children went to Beijing to appeal to the government authorities one after another and organized a press conference to call for international attention to the issue. However, prior to the press conference, many of them were detained and threatened. Lawyers from various places have organized themselves into a legal team to offer pro-bono assistance to the victims, but their efforts have also been hindered by the CCP authorities, and as a result, 200f the lawyers have been forced to withdraw from the team.

In January 2009, the regime started to carry out a one-off compensation plan, forcing the parents to sign an agreement. The parents raised nine questionable points and concerns about the agreement. They pointed out that adding melamine to milk powder is a deliberate criminal act, and it should be defined as such by law. It is not a case in which the product was substandard. Also, none of the victims they know of have been successfully cured, so they ask the milk powder producers to compensate for the long-term treatment of their children. They expressed that they would only talk about compensation on this basis. The regime officials from the Ministry of Health used to say that children suffering kidney stones from taking toxic milk powder would get free treatment. However, it is still not clear what responsibilities the government is taking, and hospitals are still bearing the cost themselves for providing free treatment.

Children are the future and hope for a nation, and every country and every government with a sense of responsibility tries its best to protect the safety and health of their children. For example, in Japan, the school buildings have very strong earthquake-resistant structures, and in the US, school buses enjoy "special right of way" and etc. All these are to protect the safety of our children. From the children who were victims in the milk powder scandal and the earthquake in Sichuan, people can see very clearly that the Communist regime has no concern for the lives of children. What they do is not only illegal, but completely inhuman. During the "Cultural Revolution" the CCP smashed the tombs of countless Chinese people's ancestors, and now it has destroyed many family's last descendants, cutting off the future of China. No wonder many Internet users say that they "do not want to be Chinese in the next life."

In fact, the CCP's cover-up of things and its blockade of information are far reaching and comprehensive. A matter that is taken as being very trivial and ordinary in a foreign country can be viewed as a "state secret" by the CCP. As for the persecution of Falun Gong and the horrific organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners for huge profit, they are naturally "a secret within secrets." The CCP is so inhuman even in treating its children that one can easily imagine the cruelty in the persecution of Falun Gong.

Many victims of the earthquake and parents of the victimized children in the toxic milk powder scandal have completely lost hope in the CCP and have quit the CCP one after another. More than 48 million people have declared their withdrawal from the CCP and its associated organizations. This shows that the triumph of good over evil is unstoppable, which in turn enables people to see the hope for China. I hope that every fellow Chinese will make the right choice!