(Clearwisdom.net) Li Fuguo male, 40 years old, has personally taken part in the arrest of 13 Falun Gong practitioners from Tanghai County. He has done so ever since he became the Tanghai County Domestic Security Division Head and 610 Office head in November 2006. One of the practitioners has died as a result of torture. Another one has become disabled from torture. Five practitioners were given jail terms. The persecution for the past two years have been the most severe for Falun Gong practitioners in Tanghai County since the Chinese Communist Party started the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999.

Since taking over the head position, Li Fuguo arrested practitioner Mr. Li Enying (50 years old) and his wife Ms. Li Chunfu on January 19, 2007. Mr. Li Enying was incarcerated at the Shijiazhuang Forced Labor Camp where he died as a result of torture on July 29, 2007.

Following the arrest of practitioner Mr. Wu Shijun (in his 70s), Ms. Tong Ruifen (60 years old) and Ms. Zhang Jinping (in her 50s) on September 25, 2007, Li Fuguo sent Mr. Wu to Tanghai County Detention Center. Li Fuguo manipulated the Tanghai County Procuratorate to put them on trial and manipulated the Tanghai County Court to give them three years in prison. Early in 2008, Mr. Wu was transferred to the Jidong Prison. Ms. Tong and Ms. Zhang were locked up at the Shijiazhuang Women's Prison in early 2008.

The morning of June 10, 2008, Li Fuguo, along with other police, arrested practitioner Ms. Xu Na (in her 50s) from Tanghai City. He made the Tanghai County Procuratorate put Ms. Xu on trial and manipulated the Tanghai County Court to sentence her four years in prison.

In the afternoon of June 10, 2008, Li Fuguo took a group of police and arrested practitioner Ms. Li Fengzhen (Li Enying's sister, in her 50s) from Tanghai City and sent her to Tanghai County Detention Center. While there, Li Fuguo took Ms. Li Fengzhen to the Tangshan Ankang Hospital twice, where she was injected with unknown drugs that caused her the loss of her memory and the ability to take care of herself. She was then released.

In the evening of June 11, 2008, practitioners Ms. Liu Xiaoling (in her 60s) and Ms. Zhao Yufang (in her 50s) from Tanghai City were arrested by police from Luannai County. The same night at around 3:00 a.m., Li Fuguo, together with police from Luannan County ransacked the two practitioners' homes. Luannan County Court agents had put the two women on trial twice. They are currently held at the Tangshan First Detention Center.

On July 26, 2008, Li Fuguo took a group of police and arrested 60-year-old practitioner Ms. Sun Cuiqing and her husband Ning Yongxiu from Shilihai, Tanghai County. They held the couple in the Tanghai County Detention Center. Ning Yongxiu was released due to illness after being extorted out of 5,000 yuan. Li Fuguo manipulated agents at the Tanghai County Procuratorate to put Ms. Sun Cuiqing on trial. He manipulated the Tanghai County Court to hold two trials for Ms. Sun and later secretly sentence her to four years in prison.

On July 26, 2008, Li Fuguo led police to arrest practitioner Ms. Chi Yanlan from Shilihai, Tanghai County. She was sent to Tanghai County Detention Center and was later sentenced to a forced labor camp. He also arrested practitioner Ms. Hou Fang, in her 40s, from the Tanghai Farm the morning of December 8, 2008 at the Tanghai County Court. She was later sent to a forced labor camp. Currently, the other practitioners being mistreated in that county are Ms. Qin Pengzhen, Ms. Yang Shuzhi and Mr. Zheng Jianjun, Yang Shuzhi's husband.

Li Fuguo also used his own sister to monitor practitioner Mr. Zheng Chunshan (from the same village). Li Fuguo himself also monitored Mr. Zheng for three nights. He did not find what he was looking for and decided to arrest Mr. Zheng who was later sentenced two years in a forced labor camp.

Since Li Fuguo took his position in 2006, he used all kinds of tactics such as monitoring, extortion and arrests to torment practitioners. He also manipulated personnel from the Tanghai County Haifenchang Police Precinct, those from the Tanghai County Procuratorate and County Court to persecute practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners have been clarifying the truth to Li Fuguo, but he refuses to listen.

Li Fuguo, office address: State Security Team, Tanghai County Police Department, Hebei Province, Zip Code 063200, 86-13832986232 (Cell)