(Clearwisdom.net) Today I read a fellow practitioner's article on the Minghui (Chinese version of Clearwisdom) website, "Suggestion to Practitioners who Cannot Concentrate their Minds during Fa Study to Memorize the Fa." I would also like to talk about my understanding in this regard. In the past, I only read Zhuan Falun. I tried to memorize the Fa on and off, but I always felt that it was very difficult to memorize so I did not persevere.

Later, I failed to pass the tribulations that I encountered within my family. I got lost and took a detour from Dafa, but I eventually returned to cultivation. However, my mind could not calm down. I did not know what to do so I started to memorize the Fa. The following are the benefits that I have experienced:

In the past, when I read Zhuan Falun, sometimes I was absent-minded. I was not able calm down until I had finished reading one lecture of the Fa. When I attempt to memorize the Fa, if my mind is disturbed by thought karma, I am not be able to remember the Fa. My main consciousness must be clear and rational.

In the past, I did not know how to search inward and improve my xinxing. However, after I started memorizing the Fa, I noticed a phenomenon: If I failed to maintain my xinxing, I progressed very slowly in memorizing the Fa--I simply could not make any progress. If I searched inward, I would know where I had not done well that day. If I am able to maintain my xinxing well that day, I can memorize the Fa quickly, and my mind is calm and clear and free of miscellaneous thoughts. This has become a way for me to search inward and rectify myself.

Another benefit is that when I encounter tribulations, Master's Fa will appear in my mind and I will know that I need to improve my xinxing. Master has already made the Fa very clear: I just need to improve my xinxing and abide by the requirements of the Fa, and by doing this I am elevating myself. In the past when I encountered a tribulation, I would get agitated and nervous and did not know how to handle it well.

During the process of memorizing the Fa, I encountered the problem of perseverance. When some practitioners initially start to memorize the Fa, they make commitments and possess strong determination. However, after memorizing part of the Fa, they start to feel that it is too difficult and give up. During my process of memorizing the Fa, I also encountered this. There are usually two reasons for this. First, during cultivation, encountering tribulations means that the improvement of xinxing is required. For example, encountering conflicts among family members or at work means that there are attachments that need to be eliminated. If the attachments are not given up, they will directly affect the memorization of the Fa, making us feel that memorizing the Fa is too difficult. However, if we search within and improve our xinxing, it will not be difficult. The second reason is the interference of thought karma, specifically, thoughts of giving up memorizing of the Fa appear. It is relatively easy to see through these thoughts. As long as one perseveres, this kind of thought karma can be quickly eliminated.

The detour that I took in my cultivation caused me great loss. Why? I have thought it over and over. Was it because I did not pay attention to Fa study? As a matter of fact, every day no matter how busy I was, I read one to three lectures of the Fa and sent righteous thoughts. Now I have come to understand that, although I did study the Fa, I had a problem of wanting to read more and I focused on how much I read, because I was always afraid that I would lag behind if I did not pay attention to Fa study. So when I studied the Fa, I put too much emphasis on the quantity rather than truly calming my mind. Furthermore, I did not know how to search inward, which was another cause for the detour in my cultivation.

My lesson was a very bitter one. It's been just recently, after I started to memorize the Fa, that I have come to understand the cause of my previous problem. I have discovered that during the process of memorizing the Fa, I can overcome these issues. If I still focus on the quantity of what I read as I did before, and if I am unable to calm down during the memorization process, I will not be able to make any progress. If I do not regard Fa memorization with great seriousness, memorizing just one paragraph will take me several hours, not to mention revelations and comprehension of the profound Fa principles. Second, in my daily life, if I fail to pass the tests through which I should have improved my xinxing, I will also find it difficult to memorize the Fa. Furthermore, that incident might prey on my mind. If it targeted my jealousy, which I failed to let go of, unbalanced thoughts develop, which in turn affect the memorization process. I have to force myself to search inward and thus improve my xinxing. As I have memorized the Fa, these two issues, which were the most severe, have been resolved. I have felt much more clearheaded than before. When I encounter tribulations, I am able to understand them from the perspective of the Fa, and I have come to understand what negating the old forces' arrangements means.

In the past when I did the three things, especially when I clarified the facts of the persecution to people, I did it by relying on courage. If I felt scared, I would think, "Go ahead. No matter what happens, I still want to do it even if it is dangerous." I was once reported to the authorities after I clarified the facts to students. I did not know why I had concluded from this incident that it was dangerous to clarify the facts face-to-face. It is just recently that I have come to understand it was because I had the thought, "What will happen if I am arrested?" which was the same as my asking for that tribulation. If nothing had happened during my truth-clarification, I would feel that I was relatively lucky. Now, from the perspective of the Fa, I understand what this evil test means. I understand what "not acknowledging the old forces' arrangements" means and I also understand that the old forces are taking advantage of the gaps caused by my attachments. After I give up these attachments, one after another, I feel that the old forces' arrangements are not frightening at all, because the Fa can eliminate all attachments. My surrounding environment has changed, my husband no longer hits or swears at me anymore, and he also no longer opposes my clarifying the facts. I can now peacefully do the three things.

Fellow practitioners, as long as we study the Fa well and search inward, we will find that the old forces' arrangements are not that frightening and that breaking through these evil arrangements is not difficult at all. In fact, all these are because of the mighty power of Dafa and the boundless compassion of Master. If fellow practitioners have the same problems, I suggest that they memorize the Fa.

This is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything that is incorrect.

January 13, 2009