(Clearwisdom.net) The first week-long European Parliament (EP) meeting in 2009 started on January 12 in Strasbourg, France. The issues currently in the news were discussed. With regard to Eutelsat cutting off its signal to China, Falun Gong practitioners carried out comprehensive truth-clarifying activities outside the European Parliament meeting site. Because this was the last meeting before the deadline for the EU Members of Parliament (MP) to sign a written statement about the Eutelsat incident, Falun Gong practitioners from 16 countries participated in the truth-clarifying activities. They sent a letter that was jointly signed by eight members of the Legislative Committee in Hong Kong and letters that exposed lies told by Eutelsat about an anomaly that caused the termination of the signal into China. By January 13, 2009, 385 of the EU's MPs had signed the statement. Moreover, the initiators of the statement and those who had already signed the statement joined efforts to collect signatures from other MPs in their own party and others they knew.

New Tang Dynasty TV (NTDTV), which is headquartered in NY, is the only independent Chinese language TV station that was broadcast into mainland China without control and censorship by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Due to pressure from the CCP and its being lured by business interests offered by the CCP, Eutelsat suddenly shut off NTDTV's broadcast signal into China prior to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. To date, it still has not been restored. Some of the EU's MPs have already handed in a written statement to the EP (serial No. 86) that condemns Eutelsat for violating the fundamental principles upheld by the EU regarding freedom of speech and human rights. Now, MPs from various countries are signing the statement, and when more than half of the MPs have signed, the European Parliament will draft a resolution that urges Eutelsat to immediately resume NTDTV's broadcast signal to mainland China.

Continuous Truth-clarification has Brought About a Huge Change in the European Parliament

For the last seven months, Falun Gong practitioners in Europe have been continuously clarifying the facts in front of Eutelsat offices and the EP, which has brought about a huge change. Some MPs who had been unwilling to sign the statement have also changed their views. On January 13, three MPs from Britain came outside of Parliament to see the supporters of NTDTV who were outside the EP. At a later sharing in the evening, many practitioners said they felt the righteous field was very strong this time and that they could feel a huge change in the EP over the last few months. All of this reflects the outcome of good cooperation by the practitioners in Europe as a whole and the support of righteous thoughts from all practitioners around the world. At the same time, they reminded themselves that the next couple of days were crucial, and they shared their understanding that everything we do is for saving sentient beings. We are cultivators and we should not hold any pursuit and should let go of all attachments. Only then can we truly save those people.

Good Cooperation Ensures a Good Effect in Truth-clarification

Western practitioners from various countries shared the belief that good cooperation as one body was very important, and therefore they strengthened communication between practitioners. All practitioners felt that the energy field was very strong. Those who were sending forth righteous thoughts outside found it very easy to keep calm while those who were clarifying the facts inside Parliament also felt that the effect was very good. Moreover, they had many opportunities to clarify the facts to MPs face to face. They felt the MPs were very open-minded, and many MPs said that they would sign their names the next day. Some MPs and their assistants were very pleased when practitioners came to see them as if they had been old friends for years. The MPs also mentioned that they felt very touched when they saw the group of people doing the Falun Gong exercises outside in the cold. One practitioner from Finland shared that because this was his first trip to the EP to clarify the facts, he felt rather nervous in the beginning. However, as time went on, he did better and better, and he happened to meet quite a number of MPs whom he had planned to see. He bumped into an MP in the corridor, and the MP said to him, "If you had not bumped into me here, you would not be able to see me today."

Due to the cold spell in Europe, it was freezing everywhere. However, NTDTV supporters still went to protest in front of Eutelsat offices, and their action touched the hearts of many Eutelsat staff members. Most of them said to supporters, "Hello! Keep it up!"As for the EP meeting, even though practitioners in many countries are very busy, quite a number of them came to support the activities. It has been rather hard for practitioners to come to participate in the activities; however, because each practitioner has improved their xinxing to the required level, the whole field is very righteous.

It is not Work but Cultivation and Saving Sentient Beings with Compassion

Many practitioners shared that, during their truth-clarification, when they came across MPs who did not want to sign their names or were not friendly, they did not give up on them. Instead they went to see them again and again, trying to discover what the problem was, so that they could help these MPs from a different angle. They would never give up on anyone lightly.

A practitioner who had just come abroad from China talked about how important NTDTV is for the Chinese people to know the truth. Because she had installed a receiver, a relative of hers learned about the trap of the "Ant Power" project and quickly sold his business. As a result, this relative did not suffer much loss, while the person who introduced the business to him lost everything because he did not know the truth due to the information blockade. Her relative was very grateful to NTDTV. In the past when this practitioner gave him truth-clarifying materials, including the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, he would not read them at all. But, now, he has also installed a receiver. Many people in China have installed the receiver, but they cannot receive any signal. They are longing to watch NTDTV every day.

Some practitioners also shared that we must not hold any pursuit in clarifying the facts to MPs; otherwise we would be easily interfered with. If we hold strong righteous thoughts, the MPs will come and sign their names. We are concerned about this issue, but the process is the most important. We must not feel pleased if MPs sign their names or feel unhappy if they don't. We are cultivators and we must not do things with an attachment of pursuit.