(Clearwisdom.net) I have traveled a twisted road and stumbled during the nine years of persecution. But with Master's compassionate protection I have survived. As I understand it, so long as we position ourselves correctly and give priority to validating the Fa and offering sentient beings salvation, we can follow the Fa-rectification path Master has arranged for us.

Experiencing difficulties

In 2003, 610 Office agents arrested practitioners in Jinan. I had already been retired for a long time. One day I went back to my former employer to clarify the truth. The chief of the police station followed me and told me to go with him. My attachments caused me to fall into his trap. On the way, I realized I was wrong to acknowledge the way the old forces had arranged things. I confessed in my mind, "Master, I am wrong, and from now on I will no longer cooperate with the evildoers. I won't let these people commit crimes against Dafa by persecuting me." Then I felt filled with righteous thoughts.

No matter who addressed me in the police station, I only spoke of Dafa's goodness and urged the people there to do good. Their interrogation record showed only questions but no answers. They signed their own names on the record. The police chief moved his chair toward me and said, "You have spoken very well, and I have decided to let you go home. This is a unanimous policy in the whole city, and now it is very late. Tomorrow morning I will release you after I report to my supervisor."

My happiness at this turn of events allowed the evildoers to exploit another one of my loopholes. The next morning a police officer told me I would be taken to a brainwashing center. My hatred and rebellion emerged, I became confrontational, and we had words. I didn't calm down until noon. Then I realized that the evil had capitalized on my joy. I hurried to correct my mindset and told myself firmly that I was a Dafa disciple, and my mission was to offer sentient beings salvation. I would only follow Master's teachings and would never let ignorant people in the brainwashing center who didn't know the truth make karma for themselves. I would go nowhere except home.

I sent righteous thoughts. At four o'clock in the afternoon they sent me for a physical exam and discovered I had high blood pressure. The doctor there insisted I be sent home to rest and would not agree to having me returned to the brainwashing center. I knew Master was protecting me, and I went home at once.

Thinking about what had happened, I had an insight: if I could get rid of my attachments and merely think about offering sentient beings salvation, I would never end up in a brainwashing center.

On a different occasion, the police chief, accompanied by some of my [former] colleagues and a former practitioner, came to my home intending to take me to a brainwashing center. When I saw them, I immediately got angry, especially at the former practitioner. I spoke like an emotional, ordinary person. Then one of them asked me how I could be a cultivator with such an attitude. I suddenly calmed down; Master had spoken to me through that individual. I then calmly clarified the truth to them. Looking at the face of the police chief I felt great pity for him and thought, "No longer create karma for yourself." As soon as this thought emerged, he immediately changed his attitude and said, "I came here to visit you. Please take a good rest, and we will go." I realized later on that a compassionate mind had dissolved all evil factors behind him.

As soon as we positioned ourselves from a righteous standpoint, a fellow practitioner was released

A practitioner that had been subjected to forced labor was about to be released, but the 610 Office had given orders that he immediately be sent to a brainwashing center. Once we learned of this, we quickly sent the information to our website. We also informed other practitioners to send righteous thoughts and called the 610 Office agents, petitioning for the release of the practitioner.

I found out where the practitioner was imprisoned by a phone call and had only one thought: they must release the practitioner! The agent on the phone kept pestering me for my name and address, but I told them nothing, though I was still fearful and unsure. I knew this was an incorrect mindset and did not continue on the phone call. We practitioners communicated with each other that night about this issue and realized that we could not rescue a fellow practitioner simply for the sake of rescuing him. If so, we would consider the person that answered the phone an enemy, a wrong standpoint to operate from. We wanted to rescue the practitioner because of our intention of clarify the truth to those in charge and to offer sentient beings salvation. Adjusting our mindset filled us with compassion instead of hatred. The next day, a practitioner went alone to the 610 Office to clarify the truth and asked the officers to release the practitioner. Other practitioners strengthened him by sending righteous thoughts. Our righteous energy awakened their kindness and dissolved the evil. The practitioner was unconditionally released.

Think about offering sentient beings salvation immediately dissolves evil intentions

A trash collector discovered me putting truth clarification materials on the top floor of a residential building. He dragged me to the reception office. Since I was there already, I thought I should clarify the truth to them. As I told the receptionist the truth about the persecution, more and more people gathered. The person pulled my hand and said, "Please go quickly and tell others the truth."

Another time, I distributed materials in the street during the daytime. Having placed information in someone's bicycle basket not far from a police station, I heard somebody call and chase after me. I was calm. The person caught up with me and asked what I was distributing. I said, "Information to rescue people." He repeated his question and I replied the same way as before and asked him to read it. He changed his attitude, returned the material to me, and said, "You may go."

The same thing happened at a crossroads. I told the person that chased after me that the information I hand out is to rescue people. That person also changed his mind and let me go at once.

I know that this happened because of Dafa's compassion and also because people's minds are no longer so confused; they have begun to be awakened.

One day my husband and I got all the materials we needed ready and were about to go out to clarify the truth. I happened to look outside and saw a car from the 610 Office parked in front of our gate. I was surprised and told my husband. He took a look and said to relax, that it had nothing to do with us, that no one could stop us from offering sentient beings salvation. Then he got dressed and went downstairs. By the time we got to the first floor, the car had disappeared. My profound realization is that, in the process of clarifying the truth, we purge our attachments.

Yet another time we returned late from truth clarification efforts. Our daughter told us a police officer had been at our home and had told her to have us call him after our return. We understood immediately to never cooperate with him and thus have him create karma for himself. The event ended inconclusively.

Keeping up with the Fa-rectification process by cultivating ourselves well

For nine years, articles practitioners have written have encouraged me and led me to have insights. Many practitioners indeed cultivate themselves diligently in the process of doing the three things well and making strides to change their habits--the way they speak or behave or other parts of their character--and in offering sentient beings salvation and validating the Fa. Changing our habits is more important than we can imagine!

I am so touched by practitioners' compassion that I often cry. Comparing theirs with my own behavior makes it appear I am far below Master's requirements. So many attachments prevent me from moving forward.

I started to clarify the truth to people face to face early and seldom persuaded more than a few people to do the "three withdrawals" (withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party and/or its two youth organizations) per day because I had not seriously cultivated myself for a long time. I missed many opportunities Master had arranged to really cultivate and improve myself. Much is still negative in me, and the evil has taken advantage of that negativity many times. When I found other practitioners' shortcomings I only told myself not to scold and complain [about them], but I never thought about why I saw all of their shortcomings. I am regretful.

I didn't write anything for the past Internet experience sharing conferences for the practitioners in China because I think I really don't do well. But this time an older practitioner who can barely read touched me. She thinks writing articles to share with others is actually a project Master has arranged for us. People who are unwilling to do so must have attachments that need to be purged. So, I wrote down my process of cultivation to report to Master. It is actually a process of discovering my attachments and doing away with them.

Thank you, Master, for giving me the opportunity to cultivate myself. I have recently cleansed myself and know how to act in the future.