(Clearwisdom.net) On July 14, 2008, practitioner Ms. Wang Yan from Fuxing District, Handan City, Hebei Province, was followed by officers from the Hualin Police Station in Fuxing District when she left her home. The police took her back to her home and placed her residence under surveillance.

On July 22, she was arrested without any legal procedures being followed, and was taken to the Shijiazhuang City Women's Forced Labor Camp in Hebei Province. A physical examination when she arrived at the forced labor camp indicated that she suffered from hypertension.

Practitioner Mr. Zhai Wenbin was arrested by officers from the Shengliqiao Police Station in Handan City, Hebei Province, and his home was searched. His current situation is unknown.

On July 23, two police vehicles carrying several officers from the Fuxing District Domestic Security Division and the Shengliqiao Police Station arrived at the residence of practitioner Mr. Li Ganglin. The police knocked on Mr. Li's door, but there was no response, so they monitored the entrance of Mr. Li's building. The next morning, they returned to Mr. Li's residence, again with no response, so they pried open the door and searched through Mr. Li's belongings. The surveillance of Mr. Li's building lasted for several days. On July 25, the police broke into Mr. Li's home to harass his family and asked Mr. Li's child, "Where is your dad? Tell him to come home. Nothing will happen to him, we only want to meet him." When Mr. Li visited Mr. Zhai Wenbin's home, he was immediately arrested by officers monitoring Mr. Zhai's home. Mr. Li Ganglin is currently imprisoned at the brainwashing center.

On the morning of July 23, practitioner Mr. Li Shitou was arrested by the same officers from the the domestic security division and the Shengliqiao Police Station who had watched Mr. Zhai Wenbin's home.

On June 7, six officers from the Handan City Domestic Security Division and the Hualin Police Station broke into practitioner Ms. Cao Yinge's home and arrested her. The police also confiscated almost 90 pounds of copper along with a 75-pound electric motor that Ms. Cao's family had purchased. Ms. Cao is currently imprisoned in the No. 2 Detention Center.

On July 16, practitioner Ms. Li Mei from the No. 94 Branch of the Handan Steel Group Company was arrested by officers from the No. 94 Branch Police Station of the Steel Group Company.

Switchboard of the Fuxing District Police Department, Handan City: 86-310-7419110;
Duty office: 86-310-5529800
Tan Tiechen, director: 86-310-5529866 (Office), 86-13313206299 (Cell)
Lu Fubin, political commissar: 86-310-5529808 (Office), 86-13932002886 (Cell)
Zhang Dechun, deputy director: 86-310-5529818 (Office), 86-13111350058 (Cell)
Yuan Jianmin, deputy director: 86-310-5529828 (Office), 86-13315069888 (Cell)
Sun Jianchuan, deputy director: 86-310-5529868 (Office), 86-13315065858 (Cell)
Wang Jigang, deputy director: 86-310-5529898 (Office), 86-13903305698 (Cell)
Ma Guang, deputy director: 86-310-5529858 (Office), 86-13903109000 (Cell)
Guo Zhanmin, secretary for discipline inspection: 86-310-5529806 (Office), 86-13111350098 (Cell)
Yan Haiping, head of the political division: 86-310-5529816 (Office), 86-13315019977 (Cell)
Pang Jintong, section chief of the legislative affairs section: 86-310-5529832 (Office), 86-13315068656 (Cell)
Xu Weidong, chief of the domestic security division: 86-310-5529801 (Office), 86-13323006665 (Cell)
Shi Wenhua, political director: 86-13831011688 (Cell)
Meng Qinghua, secretary of the Fuxing District Liaison Office: 86-310-4065509
Chai Lanying, head of the community public office in Fuxing District: 86-310-6109882
Gao Guizeng, chief of the Hualin Police Station: 86-310-5529710 (Office), 86-13111318110 (Cell)
Wang Desheng, political director: 86-13111318108 (Cell)