(Clearwisdom.net) Since July 20, 1999, CCP authorities in Handan City, Hebei Province, have launched a brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners, which led to more than 30 deaths and many more practitioners being persecuted to disability, sentenced to jail or forced labor camp, as well as being sent to detention centers. In addition, many of their family members were also victimized by the persecution, losing their jobs or having to discontinue their studies.

Since early this year, Cao Zhixia, the director of Handan's 610 Office; Zhou Gaojiang, Handan's CCP secretary of Political & Law Committee; Li Guihong, the director of Handan Police Department; Wang Hongqin, deputy director of Handan Police Department; Lu Ming; Bai Hongyin; Jiang Dongfu; Wang Jun; Zhang Zhenhai; Guo Yunxin; and Shi Baozhong, as well as the head of Handan's National Security Team Dong Dongli; commissar Wang Junyue; deputy chiefs Jin Yubin and Shao Bingwei; and Li Liang, Li Zengbao, and Qi Yafang from the Internet Monitoring Team have persecuted practitioners, using the "the security of the Olympic games" as an excuse.

Mr. Wang Zhiwu had already completed his three-year term of forced labor in March 2008, but the labor camp authorities did not release him. Mr. Wang's family went to the forced labor to ask for his release, but the camp authorities lied , saying that he was already sent home. So the family went to the local police station, where officials there said that they did not know anything. The family thought they might find some clues at the police sub-bureau. While there, they were sent over to the 610 Office. However, Mr. Wang's family failed to find any person in charge of the 610 Office. They finally learned that the forced labor camp had failed to "transform" Wang Zhiwu, so the Handan Police Department 610 Office transfered him to a brainwashing center directly across from the forced labor camp. His family does not know where or how he is.

In late March 2007, officials including Dong Dongli, the head of Handan's National Security Bureau; Wang Junyue, a commissar; Li Zengbao, the head of Handan's Internet Censorship Group; Qi Yafeng, a commissar; Zhang Chunsheng, the head of a Web-monitoring Section; Wand Leiming, the director of Liuyuan Police Station; and Duan Dongmei, the political instructor, took Ms. Hou Haiping away and searched her home. Ms. Hou had just assumed the directorship of a local office of the Bank of China before her arrest. Now she is in Handan's No. 2 Detention Center.

At about 7:00 a.m. on March 21, 2008, police from Hanshan District in Handan City broke into practitioner Ms. Jiao Shuzhen's house and confiscated a computer, printer, and other personal belongings, as well as her electric bicycles, and took her to Handan's No.2 Detention Center. It was said that her case was transferred to Handan's Prosecutor.

Mr. Qin Zhongke, 65, a retired senior engineer from Handan's Steel Group, was taken away along with his wife by officers from Luochengtou Police Station of Handan City, and their TV, DVD player, computer, printer, and 80 yuan in cash were confiscated. Mr. Qin's wife is now home, but Mr. Qin Zhongke is still in Handan's No.1 Detention Center.