(Clearwisdom.net) The CCP has taken hosting the Olympic Games as an excuse for trampling on human rights and persecuting people. The CCP has not fulfilled its promises to improve human rights. Instead, it has increased the intensity and severity of the persecution towards Falun Gong.

On August 18, 2008, numerous practitioners were arrested at different locations in the Liaohe Oil Field in Panjin City. These illegal arrests were carried out by personnel from the Panjin City 610 Office, police department and the political and judiciary committee. Below is a list of practitioners known to have been arrested recently.

Mr. Guo Yulong, forty-two years old, is a resident of Xinglongtai. His family members were informed that he is currently locked up in the Panjin City Detention Center.

Ms. Pu Yu, forty years old, was arrested from her home.

At around 7 p.m., Ms. Pu Yu's 13-year-old son was dragged into a police car on his way home from school. The police intended to take the house keys from him, but he didn't have them with him. The police then took three cars to Pu Yu's residence. Seven to eight policemen climbed up ladders and broke into her apartment through the window on the second floor. They then put her into a police car and drove away. The police confiscated a computer, a copy of the book Zhuan Falun, an MP3 and MP4 player, and other personal belongings.

Ms. Pu's son was released at around 10 p.m. He was traumatized by being seized off the street and then witnessing his mother's forcible arrest. His legs were shaking from the fright that he went through.

Currently, Ms. Pu's whereabouts are unknown. Her 70-year-old mother and son are still looking for her.

Ms. Wang Yongmei, in her forties, was illegally arrested. Another female practitioner with the surname Meng was arrested along with some older female practitioners.

We hope that people will pay attention to these unjust arrests and help secure these practitioners' release.