(Clearwisdom.net) I feel sad every time I watch the video of Master's "Fa Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners" and see a practitioner telling Master that only three Australian practitioners persist in making phone calls to sentient beings in China. Overseas practitioners! It is very important to clarify the facts by making phone calls to China. These phone calls lessen the persecution in China, eliminate the evil and save sentient beings in China. Therefore, we should not neglect doing this. The following is my sharing with overseas practitioners. I really hope that more overseas practitioners will participate in this project of making phone calls to China.

1. Eliminating the Evil's Persecution of Falun Gong Practitioners in China

One practitioner in our region had been persecuted many times. Each time, we exposed the persecution situation and quickly published the responsible people's phone numbers. Overseas practitioners immediately made phone calls to the responsible persons who persecuted the practitioners, strongly shocking and frightening the evil. In addition, this arrested practitioner maintained very strong righteous thoughts, so he was released each time.

Later the police arrested him again and the court illegally sentenced him to prison. While his family was at the court office appealing for his release, an overseas practitioner telephoned the presiding judge. Court personnel told the judge that another Falun Gong practitioner was calling him and asked if he would like to take the call. The judge became nervous and immediately replied that he did not wish to talk. (Actually he had already received truth-clarifying phone calls.) A member of this practitioner's family took the opportunity to clarify the facts to the judge. With overall cooperation, even though the practitioner was sentenced to prison, the police instead took him back home and didn't put him in prison after all. It's very powerful when we cooperate well with each other. This is a typical example.

The police and 610 Office officials fear their evildoing being exposed. Some are unable to visit the Minghui website (because it is blocked in China) and had no idea that their evildoings were being exposed. After they receive phone calls from overseas practitioners, they become very afraid. Each call makes the evil that manipulates the evildoers feel panic, and it disintegrates the evil.

Sometimes the evildoers' family members receive truth-clarifying phone calls, and often after they learn some facts they persuade the evildoers to stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. After the evil factors behind the perpetrators are eliminated, they will stop their evildoings. Some will make an excuse to leave their current positions and others have secretly protected our practitioners. This is a very common occurrence in China. It is obvious that the phone calls from overseas practitioners are very powerful in stopping the evil and lessening the persecution of practitioners in China.

2. Playing a Special Role in Saving Sentient Beings in China

Practitioners in China mostly distribute truth-clarification materials, CDs and the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to widely clarify the facts. In our region we have distributed fliers all over the county several times and have distributed the Nine Commentaries once. However, we are still unable to clarify the facts face-to face in the larger regions. We are focusing mostly on the county's capital-city areas. (Most practitioners in our region live in the capital and practitioners are few.) We are unable to clarify the facts face-to-face in the countryside. Therefore, it is unknown what sentient beings' attitudes toward Dafa and to the "Quitting the CCP" movement is in those areas.

There are only a few practitioners in the surrounding counties. They have been persecuted very severely and have been unable to clarify the facts well. We went there to clarify the facts several times, but the result was not good. In other remote areas the same problems seem to exist. Phone calls for truth clarification and persuading people to quit the CCP can remedy this deficiency. There is a telephone directory in each county. Practitioners in China can send these telephone numbers to the Minghui website, and overseas practitioners can coordinate this and make telephone calls to regions all over China so that the sentient beings in China can be quickly saved. While clarifying the facts face-to-face, we met some people who excitedly said, "I've received phones calls from overseas practitioners," and, "I've already quit the CCP on the phone!" We are very moved when we hear this. Many times, overseas practitioners don't see or feel the effect of their phone calls, but the calls are directly saving sentient beings! Actually, this is a manifestation of the cooperation with fellow practitioners acting as one-body, both inside and outside China.

In some respects we should improve our efforts. Overseas practitioners can find the telephone numbers posted in "Additional Persecution News from China" on the Clearwisdom/Minghui websites to make phone calls, but it seems that they seldom make phone calls to ordinary families or workplaces. For example, there are one or two hundred practitioners in our region, but none of us has been called at home by overseas practitioners. Apparently there is no systematic arrangement to do this. We are guessing that perhaps overseas practitioners don't coordinate well or may be having technical problems. Some practitioners and I collected many telephone numbers and sent them to the Minghui website, including the telephone numbers of our friends and relatives. But according to them, none received any phone calls from overseas practitioners. We feel puzzled and are not sure if the editors of the Minghui website received or published these telephone numbers. Now we no longer send telephone numbers to the Minghui website, because we aren't sure if they are getting them, and we have spent a lot of time on this effort.

Since I don't know the situation for overseas practitioners and have little knowledge of technology, please kindly point out anything that is incorrect. I hope that those practitioners who have a good understanding about this can share their thoughts with us. No practitioner should be persecuted. We depend on fellow practitioners and try our best to save sentient beings. In the end the evildoers will be brought to justice.