Toronto, Canada: Local Politicians Praise Mid-Autumn Spectacular (Photos)

( The second show of Divine Performing Arts' Mid-Autumn Spectacular was held at the John Bassett Theatre in Toronto, Ontario on September 25. It was warmly received.


Randy Hillier, Member of Provincial Parliament of Ontario, praised the show

Fundraising Advisor: The show is very elegant and thought provoking (Photo)

( Fundraising advisor Tony Decarlo watched the 2008 Mid-Autumn Spectacular in Toronto under the invitation of Clement Rodrigo, a leader in the South Asian community in Toronto.


Left: Clement Rodrigo, a leader in the South Asian community; middle: a financial analyst; right: fundraising advisor Tony Decarlo

Artists Full of Praise for the Mid-Autumn Spectacular (Photos)

( On the evening of September 25, 2008, the second Mid-Autumn Spectacular show by Divine Performing Arts was held in the John Bassett Theatre at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada.

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