(Clearwisdom.net) All Dafa disciples know that doing the three things well is what is required of us in the Fa-rectification period. It closely relates to the validation of Dafa, the saving of the sentient beings, and the consummation of our cultivation. Although some practitioners are not steadfast, they all clearly understand the importance of doing the three things well. They often state, "I must be steadfast. I must do the three things well." However, their behavior is often the opposite of what they say. Why do they behave so differently from what Master expects of us?

Today, I suddenly realized why. What is most important during Fa-rectification period is for us to do the three things. What the evil forces fear most is for us to do these three things well. Therefore, the main focus of the interference from the evil forces is to prevent us from doing these three things. When we do them well, the evil elements and the old forces will be disintegrated. How could they face their deaths without a fight?

So, how do they interfere with our doing the three things? They start from our attachments. Because we have not let go of our attachments, they interfere with us using the excuse that they are "testing" us. In this situation, Master and the Fa guardians cannot do anything to help us. I did not do the three things well for a long time. Master asked us to search inward when a contradiction occurs to us. I saw that it was my attachments that prevented me from doing the three things.

For example, when sending forth righteous thoughts, I was constantly interfered with. It was the same situation every time. Right before sending forth righteous thoughts (where I live in China, 12 noon is lunchtime and 6 p.m. is dinnertime), my family members always brought back something that I liked to eat or prepared some of my favorite dishes, so I just wanted to finish my task and go eat. Instead of focusing on eliminating the evil forces, all of my thoughts were focused on the meal. If I went out to eat with others, I would have a more reasonable excuse not to do well sending forth righteous thoughts and would send forth righteous thoughts while eating. If I didn't have an attachment to food, I wouldn't be interfered with.

Similar interferences happened because of my attachment to "doing things." When it was time to send forth righteous thoughts and the printing job for the Nine Commentaries or some truth-clarifying materials was not done, I wanted to keep printing. My thought karma even told me, "This material is urgent." Therefore, I was sending forth righteous thoughts as I made materials.

Although I kept doing the three things, I did not do them with my whole heart. In addition, I haven't let go the attachment to comfort, and sometimes I could not get up to send forth righteous thoughts. Sometime, when I got up late and missed the time to practice the exercises, I blamed myself and deliberately went back to sleep.

Similar things happened if I wanted to study the Fa. For example, I made plans to study the Fa, but then my husband asked me to go out with him. If I refused, he would be irritated. Actually, it is the evil forces that are interfering with my doing the three things. I searched inward and found that I had not let go of my attachment to comfort. I still wanted to go shopping and look at beautiful clothes. In addition, I am afraid to offend him. After we got married, we moved to a city where I have no friends or relatives. Nobody can help me. Therefore, I don't want to offend anyone here. These are all selfish mindsets that I have to get rid of.

Regarding clarifying the truth, if I have time, I will do it. If I don't have time, I will skip it. Sometimes, because I was busy with work at home, I might skip clarifying the truth for several days. Actually, all the interferences occurred because of my attachments.

After I realize my attachments, my environment always improves with the elevation of my "xinxing." At the same time, I cannot understand the deeper meanings of the Fa. The reason for me to put down my experiences is because I know that many practitioners are facing the same situation: not doing the three things well enough, being ashamed of themselves, and not knowing how to break through. My idea is, "When we cannot do the three things well, don't just make up another excuse. We must look inward. Only after searching inward and elevating our xinxing can we do the three things well."

Please kindly point out my mistakes.