(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Zhao Fengying, 62 years old, is from Dangjia Township, Mingshui County, Zhangqiu City, Shandong Province. She has been practicing Falun Gong for nine years and has benefited a great deal both mentally and physically.

On the morning of July 22, 2008, four police officers from the Mingshui County 610 Office and Dangjia Township Police Station broke into Ms. Zhao's home. At that time, Ms. Wu Suqiong and her daughter were staying with Ms. Zhao. The officers claimed that someone reported Ms. Zhao to the police. The police then ransacked her home. When one of the officers tried to take away Teacher's photo, Ms. Zhao tried her best to stop him. Officer Cui Yuling knocked her to the ground, and the back of her head hit the ground and developed a bump as big as an egg. She fainted on the spot. Ms. Wu Suqiong asked the officers to take Ms. Zhao to the hospital immediately, but they just ignored her and continued to search. They seized Dafa books. When Ms. Zhao regained consciousness, she tried to get her books back, but fainted again. Then the police called in more officers, including Zhang Tao, Cui Enhe, Sun, and a deputy director from Dangjia Township Police Station,

At Ms. Zhao's home, the officers mercilessly beat Ms. Zhao, Ms. Wu, and her daughter. They also sprayed some unknown drug on Ms. Zhao's face that made her fall on the ground and lose consciousness. Ms. Wu called in the neighbors for help and told them about the officers' evildoings. The deputy director clamored, "If she dies, she deserve it." Afterwards, the officers dragged Ms. Wu and her daughter out onto the street and tried to take them away. Ms. Zhao regained consciousness again and tried to stop the officers. She, Ms. Wu, and her daughter embraced tightly so that the officers could not prevail. Seven or eight of them tried their best but failed to separate the three ladies. They then began another round of beatings. Ms. Zhao was kicked violently on her waist and injured all over. Even now, the scars are still clearly visible. The officers forced Ms. Zhao and Ms. Wu into the police car and took them away. Ms. Zhao struggled and successfully freed herself. Ms. Wu's clothes were torn when she tried to free herself. The officers tried to close Ms. Wu's hands in the car's door. The onlookers could not tolerate the officers' despicable deeds. They shouted indignantly,"The police have complete disregard for human life." Ms. Wu managed to get out of the car, but they still took her daughter to Dangjia Township Police Station.

Ms. Wu returned to the courtyard and locked the door. The officers came back and pounded on it. Then they knocked over the wall, jumped into the yard, and broke the lock. Ms. Wu stayed inside. An officer broke the windowpane with a hoe and broke into the room. Zhang Tao and Cui Enhe beat Ms. Wu until she could not move, handcuffed her, threw her into the police car, and took her to Dangjia Township Police Station.

Afterwards, the officers came back to take Ms. Zhao away. By that time, her family had returned home and they tried their best to stop the police. Zhang Tao hit Ms. Zhao on the back of her hand with a handcuff so that her hand swelled up. Finally the officers forcibly took Ms. Zhao to the police station, where she, Ms. Wu, and her daughter clarified the facts about Dafa to the officers. Instead of listening to them, the officers cursed them.

The next day, Zhao Tao and a deputy director took the three ladies to Mingshui County, where Yu Baoqian, of the local 610 Office, joined them. Then they headed to the Jinan City Detention Center. On the way, Ms. Wu was seriously injured and remained unconscious. Ms. Zhao said, "How can you beat her so brutally. Don't you have any humanity left?" The deputy director responded, "As long as you insist on practicing Falun Gong, we will beat you to death."

On arriving at the detention center, Ms. Wu was unable to walk. She was carried into a room to be examined. The person who did the exam asked the officers,"Did you try to kill her? Who will take the blame if she dies? Hurry up, take her to a hospital."

In the detention center, Ms. Zhao felt dizzy all the time and threw up whatever she ate or drank. Her feet were so swollen that she could not wear shoes. One cell mate who used to be a physician said, "You have had a concussion." After 29 days, Ms. Zhao made her escape with righteous thoughts. Later, according to agents with the 610 Office, Yu Baoqian plotted to sentence Ms. Zhao to three years of forced labor but without success.

Ms. Wu and her daughter were taken to Dongying City and subjected to further abuse.

Yu Baoqin is from the 610 Office under the Zhangqiu City Police Department. He is short, bald, sinister, and vicious. He closely followed Jiang's clique to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Meng Guihong, Ms. Pan Li, Mr. Song Xianyun, Mr. Liu Liyun, and Ms. Yu Suye.

610 Office under Zhangqiu City Police Department:
Yu Baoqian: 86-531-83231708 (Home), 86-13176019208 (Cell)
Yang Bingliang: 86-13606371610 (Cell), 86-531-3310927 (Home)
Suo Yude

Director of the State Security Division in Zhangqiu City Zuo Xiuyun: 86-531-83216146 (Home), 86-13361081670 Officer (Cell)

Dangjia Township Police Station:

Li Gang, director
Niu Zhanyi, political head
Zhang Tao, Cui Yuling, Cui Enhe, and Wei, Sun, police officers

Jinan City Detention Center:

Zhang Yixian and Lu Ping, guards

September 19, 2008