(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of September 11, 2008, CCP officials in Fengrun District, Tangshan City, manipulated the court to put Jia Yuanfeng, a local Falun Gong practitioner, on trial without following proper procedures.

They limited the number of spectators allowed at the hearing. To enter the courtroom, ID cards were required as well as hearing cards. Although the courtroom could accommodate 30 people, only 15 were allowed in. Their ID cards were needed to obtain cards to enter. When distributing the cards to get into the hearing, He Airong, deputy director in the 610 Office, and Zeng Xianghai, deputy team leader of the National Security Team in the Police Station, asked the director of general session to step out of the room three times and tried to prolong and interfere with the process. By the time the court session began, only 10 people had obtained hearing cards.

The presiding judge limited the defense attorney's opportunities to speak. The presiding judge, Sun Shujun, interrupted the defense attorney to speak many times during the trial. When the attorney pointed out that it was illegal to prevent the defense attorney from speaking, Sun Shujun said, "It is like this in our court: if you continue to speak, you will disturb the court and be expelled."

Before the trial, the court did not allow the attorney to meet with the defendant. The attorney should be given the chance to meet with the defendant at least once before the trial, but it was not allowed in this case.

In addition, the judge only examined the defense attorney's bag, not the public prosecutor's. The attorney asked why immediately. It was unfair treatment and a violation of the right of privacy. The deputy leader of the National Security Team, Zeng Xianghai, and a plainclothes policeman tried to secretly take pictures of the practitioners inside and outside of the yard.

At around 10:00 a.m. on April 28, 2008, Jia Yuanfeng, a practitioner in Beijiazhuang, Fengrun District, was taken away by officers from the Liujiaying Township Police Station and Fengrun District Police Branch. The police confiscated computers, VCD players, copiers, and other items worth over 10,000 yuan. Since May 2008, over 20 practitioners in the Fengrun District have been taken away. Some of them are illegally detained in the Fengrun District Detention Center, including Niu Jiming, Ms. Jin Shuxia, Ms. Chen Lijuan, Ms. Sun Xiuyun, Wang Xiaodong, Ms. Cao Xiaoling, Ms. Yang Yanping, Ms. Wei Yufeng, Ms. Dong Shuqing, Ms. Liu Hongli, and Ms. Wang Lanfeng. Policemen in the detention center forced Ms. Sun Xiuyun onto the "Dead Person's Bed" and tortured her for three days. Ms. Jin Shuxia was beaten, and Ms. Cao Xiaoling, Ms. Yang Yanping, and others were handcuffed with one arm forced over their shoulder and the other arm twisted up from behind their back.

Fengrun District Detention Center in Tangshan City: 86-315-5132475, 86-315-5122081
Director Yu Congrui: 86-315-5139008 (Office), 86-13832984558 (Cell)
Deputy director in 610 Office of the district He Airong: 86-315-3081152
Deputy leader of the National Security Team Zeng Xianghai: 86-13832985923 (Cell)