(Clearwisdom.net) I attained Dafa in 1996. Though I started my cultivation early, I was not diligent and seldom studied the Fa and did the exercises. Especially for several years after July 20, 1999 (when the persecution started), I barely practiced. Although I knew Dafa was good, I could not make up my mind to strive to practice. This lasted until 2005, when I learned that Master said "time is limited." If I did not work hard to catch up, it would be impossible for me to complete my cultivation. Driven by this thought, I started to systematically study all of Master's previous lectures. In addition, I started to memorize the Fa with another fellow practitioner. When I got to high school, with the progress of Fa-rectification and improvement of my xinxing, I started to step forward to validate Dafa and over salvation to all living beings. These past three years have been the quickest three years of my xinxing improvement. Although I stepped forward very late and far behind most fellow practitioners, I will keep on this divine path. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to share my cultivation experience with fellow practitioners.

1. First Year of High School -- The Beginning of Validating the Fa

Clarifying the truth to classmates on a large scale

Before, my fear was a huge barrier, inhibiting me from doing truth clarification. However, time is limited. If I knew that if I didn't start, predestined lives would be destroyed along with the disintegration of the old universe. The immeasurable living beings in their corresponding universes would also lose the opportunity. Master's Fa motivated me to step forward. Though it was difficult, I started to take every opportunity when I was alone with classmates to clarify the truth.

I started from easy situations to difficult ones. Some attempts failed on the first try, so I would try again. Every time after clarifying the truth, I would look inside and learn from my mistakes. I often read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and other truth-clarifying materials. Later, I read Disintegration of Party Culture. My truth-clarifying skills became better and better. When the righteous thoughts are strong, words of wisdom came out like a spring, and the listeners' questions were easily resolved. Master saw my heart to save sentient beings and mercifully strengthened me. Many times, some classmates who I thought would be less receptive joyfully did the "three withdrawals" (withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party, the Communist Youth League, or the Young Pioneers) and accepted the truth of Dafa.

At the beginning, I only clarified the truth to classmates in my class, then to classmates in the same grade. Along with the enhancement of my experience, I started talking to students on the way to school and on the school bus. However, time was very limited on the way to school. Some students could not accept the truth. Some were even scared, due to having been influenced by the negative propaganda of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). All kinds of bad words could be heard. Sometimes I felt so bad. From my current understanding, that was just the manifestation of my attachment to "self." However, whenever I reminded myself of all the beings who needed to be rescued with the truth, I felt it worth my efforts.

Another time, after I helped the secretary of the Youth League do the "three withdrawals," I was so happy and became too engrossed and didn't strengthen my righteous thoughts for him after I got back home. It turned out that he had regrets the next day. So I had to continue to clarify the truth to him.

2. Second Year of High School - A Turning Point for Me in Fa-validation

The second year at high school was a major turning point for my Fa-validation, because during this year, the high school students were not allowed to take school buses. At first, I thought that it was interference to my truth-clarification. Because if I could not take the bus, I could not have one-on-one contact with classmates. How could I clarify the truth to people? However, I changed my mind and thought that it might let me save more beings on a larger scale. My heart was shocked. This was a thought that I never imagined.

Nevertheless, Master said: "It's hard to endure, but you can endure it. It's hard to do, but you can do it." ("The Ninth Talk," Zhuan Falun, 2003 English Translation Version) So I made up my mind and started to use my time after school to clarify the truth to strangers. At first, I approached students about my age. Later, I found that young ladies who worked in the area and were away from their home could accept the truth easily. Once I had success, my merciful heart emerged, and I became more and more fluent. My audience expanded to middle-aged adults and the elderly as well. The areas I would go to clarify the truth were no longer limited to the way back home. Buses, shops, farmers' markets, bookstores, and schools were all good places. Sometimes, I took a bus to places where the crowds were. I also talked to people store by store along the street. Usually, I watched how many people there were in a store. If I bumped into elementary students getting out of school, I would ask whether they like the school and told them about the "three withdrawals." My family's economic condition was pretty good. So I went to the small commodity markets or the farmers' markets and bought items worth several yuan and would offer salvation to the vendor in the process. On a windy day, I blocked the wind with my body for elementary students while clarifying the truth to them. On a rainy day, I talked to a boy while running with him back home. On a sunny day, in spite of the burning sun, I went to the street to find predestined people who were waiting for salvation.

Once, in order to talk to a student, I accompanied her by bus to her home. After saying good-bye, I found that I actually did not know how to get home. Although it was dark and cold, I felt Master was by my side. I asked the way and got back to my familiar street quickly, and tears of gratitude came down immediately.

Another time, after walking very far with an elderly woman, it had become dark. I walked along the river. There was nobody on the road. Only the wind was whistling. However, I was not afraid at all. I had Master with me. Suddenly, I saw a middle-aged woman walking in a hurry. I went forward to tell her about the "three withdrawals," but she didn't say a word. I asked Master to help. Then I told her about the prophesies of the CCP's collapse and said it is very important for her future to withdraw. Suddenly, her attitude changed and she spoke loudly, "I quit!" Tears came to my eyes. Master is so merciful.

Every time before going out, I would send righteous thoughts. I carried a pen and a small notebook in my pocket. I wrote down the names of people who withdrew from the Communist Party. When I passed by a small alley, I would write down the phone numbers on the store board. I sent the phone numbers to fellow practitioners abroad, so they would call and save the beings in the small alley. When the performance video of the Divine Performing Arts came out, I asked my mom to package them for me. I gave them to predestined people. In this way, even when I had no time to talk to them, I would not let the chance pass by.

About the safety issue, I always sent righteous thoughts before going out and along the way. This helps to thoroughly eliminate all vicious factors that block the salvation of sentient beings. I would deny all unrighteous, fearful thoughts whenever they arose. All we want is to save sentient beings. Nobody can interfere with this. Many times, I felt Master protecting me. In the meantime, we must study the Fa very well. When we are in a bad state, we should calm down and study the Fa, try to look inward, send righteous thoughts, and get rid of selfishness. When we dissolve into Dafa, no one can harm us.

3. Third Year of High School--Diligently Practicing and Validating Dafa

(1) Allocating time wisely and firmly walking the path that Master arranged

The third year of high school is the busiest one. Students that were not Dafa practitioners usually study until midnight. I knew that I must complete a student's duty while doing well in the three things as a practitioner. How could I manage? I remembered Master's instruction: "...you still have to be able to steadfastly continue on your path of cultivation without letting anything in human society interfere with the steps you take on your path of cultivation." ("Path," from Essentials for Further Advancement II). I have not come to this world to be a human being. I have come to help Master in Fa-rectification and rescue sentient beings. Saving people should never be ignored!

Therefore, I have planned my schedule as follows:

5:15a.m., get up and do the exercises;
5:55a.m., send righteous thoughts;
6:15a.m., study the Fa or do the exercises;
6:45a.m., have breakfast and go to school;

I would attend class and listen carefully, and sort out what was learned after class and send righteous thoughts between classes. During the noontime global time for righteous thoughts, most of the time I was in class. But I would strive to participate in sending righteous thoughts globally. Many times Master helps me. Usually before noon, the teacher would let us review by ourselves, so I could send righteous thoughts.

After a quick lunch, I would send righteous thoughts in the classroom. After returning from self-study, if I was on duty, I would be back a little early to finish up my duty to clean up the classroom while sending righteous thoughts. Otherwise, after sending forth righteous thoughts, I would take a nap. I also sent righteous thoughts in the afternoon between classes.

Around 5:00 p.m., school gets out. I would send righteous thoughts on the way back home and while taking the city bus. I would clarify the truth to people I met on the bus. Before 7:00 p.m., I would be home and finish my dinner. If it was already close to 7:00 p.m., I would buy something to eat and take the opportunity to spend paper money with some truth-clarifying messages written on it to save people.

7:00p.m. to 9:00p.m., memorize and recite the Fa and study. I would send forth righteous thoughts at 7:00p.m., 8:00p.m., 9:00p.m., 10:00p.m. and

12:00a.m., after sending righteous thoughts, I would go to bed.

Even so, I never had any difficulty finishing my homework because I used my time efficiently.

(2) Getting rid of the attachment to fame and self-interest, validating the Fa, not validating myself

Getting rid of attachments is done layer by layer. When the attachments are still there, sometimes it is hard to be aware of their existence. When it is time to get rid of an attachment, one tends to hold onto to it stubbornly and not let it go. This would be reflected into one's life.

The first two years in high school were the stage when I started to step forward for Fa-validation. During that period, I was very careful to do well in my studies. In order to let me save people without fear, Master helped me to be in the top of my study grades. However, in the third year of high school, from an ordinary people's perspective, the intensity of study increased. However, I didn't spend more time on my school studies. More importantly, the thoughts of vanity in my heart were not eliminated. I thought that my good grades would testify for Dafa. In my mind, there was a hidden notion that "my xinxing is good as long as my grades are good." Thus, I left a loophole for the evil. As a result, on the final exam of the first semester, I was out of the top ten. My head ached badly during the exam. I was very anxious and my heart was moved. In fact, this was interference from the evil, but it also reflected my strong attachment.

I knew some other young practitioners. Before the exam date, they didn't study endlessly like non-practitioner students, but calmed down and studied the Fa. As a result, they performed extraordinarily on the exam. Hence, I gradually formed the thought that as long as I studied the Fa more, and recited "Falun Dafa is good" before the exam date, I would get good grades.

This attachment was displayed strongly before the college entrance examination. Because at that time many fellow practitioners around me were arrested, I hoped to spend more time studying the Fa. I almost spent all my time on Fa study and not on my schoolwork. Until one day, my mother said to me that I should also study diligently. I suddenly realized that I wasn't conforming to everyday people as much as possible. Also, the way I followed others' example revealed that I didn't take the Fa as teacher. This made me realize that everyone's path is different. Those young practitioners getting excellent grades is not because they asked for it, but because they truly put down ordinary people's attachments. On the contrary, I held selfish thoughts so tightly and was bargaining with Dafa. What a selfish motivation! When the problem was found, I was able to correct it. When I took the college entrance examination, my only thought was to testify to the greatness of Dafa.

During the exam days, there were also tests for my attachments. Because I felt that my grades were not bad, I felt great about myself. Especially when I talked to someone, whenever I saw the surprised or envious expression, or heard their acclamations, I was so happy. However, when the grades came out, my grade was one point shorter than I expected. In addition, the areas I was strongest in did not receive a higher grade than my weaker areas. I suddenly realized Master's painstaking arrangement. Otherwise it would be impossible for me to realize my attachment. I put down all thoughts. What Master arranged must be the best for me. No matter which school I would be admitted to, I would validate Dafa and save sentient beings.

Finally, because in this college entrance examination the average grades were very low, my overall grade was not low at all. My dad told me that I would have no problem getting into a top university. Certainly, this is not what our Dafa disciple should pursue, but if Master wants us to go somewhere, there must be sentient beings there waiting to hear the truth of Dafa.

I am about to go to college. I am determined to improve my xinxing and become a truly qualified Dafa disciple. I will live up to Master's enormous graciousness and make the best use of time to save sentient beings.

Due to my limited level, please point out any improper points. Another purpose of writing down my experience is also to encourage other practitioners to write their experiences. Thus, we can improve as a whole body.