(Clearwisdom.net) Being safe means there is no danger, and there is no chance of getting hurt. In Fa-rectification cultivation, the security we are concerned with is persecution by the evil. Through studying the Fa, we understand that the persecution is targeting our human attachments. It only happens because we have human attachments.

Everyone is talking about the safety issue. Facing today's harsh environment of persecution, many practitioners slowed down in validating the Fa because they did not feel safe. We are human beings on the path of cultivation; we are not Gods. Human beings do have human thinking and human attachments. That means we still have loopholes that the evil can take advantage of. So, is there absolute security? The answer is no. Without a guarantee of safety, are we not going to validate the Fa? Are we not going to save sentient beings? Do we really have to wait until we are like Gods, with no attachments at all, to validate the Fa? How could that be possible?

Actually we are being given a choice: there is our own safety on one side; and there is the safety of sentient beings on the other side. It is up to us to choose. When human attachments are taking the lead, one will choose to worry about one's own safety; when the divine side is taking the lead, one will consider the safety of sentient beings. The reason we cultivate is to become selfless, noble beings, like Gods, so we should regard ourselves as Gods, and follow the standards of Gods. When something happens, we should act as a God would. Shouldn't we cultivate like this? Given today's environment of validating the Fa, what would a God do? Would a God worry about his own safety? He wouldn't. A God would only think about the safety of Dafa and sentient beings. Thus, we should not have any concern for our own safety, as it is an attachment to selfishness. All we should think about is the safety of Dafa and sentient beings. Even when we pay attention to our own safety, it is still not for ourselves. It is to be responsible to the Fa, to reduce unnecessary losses, and to do better in saving sentient beings.

On the path to divinity, there will surely be tribulations. In other words, there are going to be circumstances that are not safe. It is only the manifestation which is different. We would not succeed in cultivation if it were always safe. These unsafe elements serve as steps and ladders for us to climb in our cultivation. If we treat those tribulations as Gods do, then we have already elevated, and the tribulations have no reason to exist anymore. No matter how the external circumstances may change, easy or harsh, it is something we must face on our path to divinity. No matter how unbridled the evil may seem, it is all in Master's hands. It only exists for the sake of our cultivation and for us to save sentient beings. There is nothing accidental. The more we pay attention to our own safety, the more excuses the evil will use to persecute us because of our selfishness, causing us to instead be less safe; when we let go of the attachment to self and are not attached to our own safety, the evil will not find any excuse to persecute us, so we will naturally be safe. In addition, we have our cultivated divine sides, which have reached various high levels, and have the ability to eliminate evil. At the same time, Master's law body and law-guardians are protecting us as well.

Let's not determine Fa-rectification matters with a human mentality, otherwise we will forever be confined to the human realm. Let us let go of the attachment to self, abandon selfishness, and act as divine beings, with an open and dignified manner. In doing so we will not only have our own safety, but also the safety of Dafa and sentient being. Then we will be worthy of the name of Fa-rectification Period Falun Dafa Practitioners.