(Clearwisdom.net) In March 2008, Dafa disciple Xin Shuhua was detained at Masanjia Labor Camp in Liaoning Province. The guards used all kinds of methods to torture her in attempt to make her give up Falun Gong. However, she refused to cooperate with the evil persecution and went on a hunger strike.

In June 2008, Xin Shuhua was bound to a bed for six days. Every day guards force-fed and injected poison into her. Every time after being force-fed poison, she would vomit blood. The guards said to themselves, "If other people were injected with poison they would become emaciated and go insane. Why did she remain normal after vomiting blood?"

For the whole six days, the guards took turns torturing her. One guard said, "Let's not just give poison to her, but add poison to the meals of all of the detainees. We will use a small amount so that people will not die, and see who dares to disobey us." The corn bread and steamed buns served now for dinner are blackish green and taste spicy and bitter. The detainees are afraid the food is poisoned. Many of them do not eat, or eat just a little.

After Xin Shuhua was tortured to the point of vomiting blood, the guards sent her to her cell. The guards involved in torturing her were: Li Mingyu, Zhang Chunguang and prison doctor Xiang Shuyuan.

Xin Shuhua had been once before been detained at Masanjia for three years. She was imprisoned for clarifying the truth to the public about Falun Gong. Because she did not give up her belief, refused to work and went on hunger strike, the guards beat her with electric batons. Finally, when the batons lost their charge, they hung her up, bound her on to a "dead person's bed", and locked her in a dark cell, where she could not stand and had to squat. The guards used an iron support to hold her mouth open and poured in poison, making her jaw disjointed four times. They injected poison into her and forced her to sit on a tiger bench. In the winter, the guards stripped her naked and put her into a cold water dungeon for 20 days. They also forced her to stand on the snow-covered ground barefoot and stand for many hours in one place. Guards kicked her private area, forbid her to sleep and tortured her day and night.

Xin Shuhua has been tortured in such inhumane ways for years. She was tortured to unconsciousness a few times and her ribs were broken. The guards used all kinds of methods to torture her, and still could not "transform" her. Finally, the guards reportedly suggested sending her to have her organs harvested. Xin Shuhua was released in January 2007, but was again sent to Masanjia in March 2008.