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Table of Content

News and Events from Around the World

  • New York: Divine Performing Arts Plays to a Full House in Manhattan
  • RSF Presents New Evidence Refuting Eutelsat's Claim that "Technical Problems" Are Responsible for Shutting Down NTDTV's Signals

Facts of the Persecution

  • Mr. Wang Chongjun Tortured to Death in Beijing
  • Mr. Hu Heping from Hunan Province Dies as a Result of Torture
  • Mr. Fan Youjun Dies as Result of the Persecution in Hubei Province
  • Retired Professor Arrested in Pre-Olympic Purge for Printing Underground Newsletters

The People Awaken to the Truth

  • The Repentance of a CCP Political and Judiciary Committee Secretary

Voices of Justice

  • Belgian MP Demands Unconditional Release of Xu Na
  • New York State Assembly Member Expresses Support for Efforts to Rescue Falun Gong Practitioners' Parents in China

Media Reports and Opinions

  • Italian Newspaper Corriere Della Sera: The EU Questions Eutelsat
  • Canada Free Press (CFP): Israeli Rabbinical Council Finds Chinese Regime Liable for Falun Gong Deaths