(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Wu Suqiong is the family member of an employee who works for Zhuanqian Company, Huanghe Drilling Well, Shengli Oilfields, Shandong Province. In 2006, before Chinese New Year, because Zhuanqian Company leaders planned to forcibly take her to a brainwashing session, she had no choice but to leave her home. The leaders from Zhuanqian Company then often forced her husband to go to her relatives and friends' homes to harass them and look for her. During that time, because of the interference and threats by the Company leaders, her fifteen-year-old daughter was traumatized and could not sleep or study. So Ms. Wu had to take her daughter with her and together they went into hiding to avoid the police.

On the morning of July 22, 2008, seven or eight plainclothes policeman from Dangjia Police Station, Mingshui County, Zhangqiu City, broke into where they were staying like gangsters, and they forcibly took away Ms. Wu and her daughter and Ms. Zhao Fengying. While trying to stop them, Ms Zhao Fengying, who is in her sixties, was knocked down to the ground by policeman Cui Yuling and received a large bump on the back of her head. The three women clung together with all their strength. Even all the policemen could not separate them. After another round of violent beating, Ms. Zhao and Ms. Wu's daughter were taken away. After that, Ms. Wu went back into the house and locked the front door. But policemen climbed over the wall, and beat her so brutally that she could not move. Policemen Zhang Tao and Cui Enhe handcuffed her and dragged her into the car. Bystanders witnessed the brutality of CCP's policemen again.

The next day, the police took the three of them to the notorious Jinan Detention Center. For refusing to cooperate with the persecution, Wu Suqiong suffered tremendous tortures and insults. She was beaten by guards including Zhang Yixian and Lu Ping. They instigated all the inmates (there are fifteen to sixteen of them in one cell) to attack her at the same time, beating and kicking her. When she struggled and yelled for help, the inmates would gag her mouth with a pillow or towel used to mop the ground, and wrap another towel around her neck, which almost killed her. All these things happened right under the nose of the guards since a monitor is installed in every cell and everything that happens in the cell is under their tight surveillance. Later, Wu Suqiong used all her strength and yelled out that she was a Falun Gong practitioner and she would never commit suicide. If she died, then she must have been murdered in the detention center. She hoped people with a conscience would testify for her if she died. Only then did the guards go into the cell to stop the inmates. At last, after going on a hunger strike for two weeks, and in a half-conscious state, she was picked up by Zhuangqian Company leaders on August 8 and detained at Shenghua Hotel and suffered further abuse there. Her daughter was taken to the Jishu Brainwashing Center on August 9 and started a hunger strike. One of the collaborators, Wang Junmei, was assigned to try to brainwash her daughter.

On August 9, Wu Suqiong had difficulty in breathing and was taken to the hospital for emergency treatment. Later she was taken back to the hotel. Only after she had been on a hunger strike for over twenty days and was dying, did the Zhuanqiang Company leaders take her home on August 14. Still, they sent many people to monitor her. Her husband also completely cooperated with Zhuanqiang Company leaders to intimidate her and even talked about taking her to the brainwashing center again when her health improved after resting and eating.

Persons involved in persecuting Ms. Wu Suquiong and her daughter:

Dangjia Police Station, Mingshui County, Zhangqiu: Li Gang(head of the police station), Niu Zhanyi (Political Director), Zhang Tao, Cui Yuling, Cui Enhe, Wei.

The guards in Jinan Detention Center: Zhang Yixian, Lu Ping

Zhuanqian Company: Pang Zhonghan (the party secretary), Li Ping (the head of protection section)

the postal code for Zhuanqian Company: 257000 (Zhuanqian Company, Huanghe Drilling Well, Shengli Oilfields, Shandong Province

Wu Suqiong's home: 86-546-8539020