(Clearwisdom.net) On the morning of August 18, 2008, a group of police officers stormed in Ms. Yang Jingfen's home located at the Liaohe Petroleum Field in Liaoning Province. After about two hours, Ms. Yang fell from the sixth floor. The group of police officers made sure she was dead, then left together. Another group of police came, claimed that Ms. Yang committed suicide, and demanded that her family immediately cremate her body.

When the police broke into her home, she was alone. The police wouldn't let her family in. In the two hours before her death, what exactly did they police do to her? Whether Ms. Yang committed suicide or not, the group of officers should be investigated and take responsibility.

On the same day, police from Panjin City separately arrested Ms. Gao Xiufeng (58 years old), Ms. Zhu Lin (in her thirties), and Ms. Chang Qingxia, Ms. Zhou Weirong, Mr. Guo Yulong, Ms. Meng Qingmei, and Ms. Pu Yu (all in their forties). They also arrested Ms. Wang Youmi, who was released on August 20, 2008.

Panjin City Police Department Director Yang Zhenfu (male) planned this large-scale arresting and ransacking. There have been many practitioners brutally tortured to disability or death.

Panjin City Police Department General Office: 86-427-2682111
Directing Center: 86-427-2682063
Xinglongtai District Police Department General Office: 86-427-2683344
Directing Center: 86-427-2683310
Domestice Security Division: 86-427-2683316
Legal Justice Office: 86-427-2683322