Yushu City Detention Center Officer Brutally Beats Practitioner

On a very cold day in April 2008, a police officer abruptly attacked a practitioner being held in the city detention center. Police officer Teng Qingling (female) saw the practitioner covered with a blanket and jumped onto the plank on which she sat. She tore off the blanket and saw the practitioner had her legs crossed in the lotus position. She kicked the practitioner several times. The practitioner sternly warned her what she was doing was wrong. The officer became angry and maliciously targeted the left side of the practitioner's chest. Then she hit the practitioner's head with a thick folder. The practitioner was on a hunger strike and her head "buzzed" from the hit.

Teng Qingling demanded the practitioner's name, but she refused to tell her, so Teng cursed her. She asked other prisoners the practitioner's name.

Instigated by the Domestic Security Division and without the presence of a doctor, Teng Qingling ordered prisoners to force-feed the practitioner. This is illegal and dangerous. Afterwards, the police feared being held responsible for her death, so they sent her to the city hospital emergency room. In the hospital ward, in front of the practitioner's family, Teng Qingling continued to curse.

Yushu City Peiying Police Officers Mistreat Practitioners

On May 22, 2008, three police officers from Peiying Police Station, one wearing a uniform with police number 110535, the other two in plainclothes, broke into an elderly practitioner's home. When the police found two other practitioners there, they arrested the visitors and took them away.

At the Peiying Police Station, police asked for their names and took pictures with a cell phone. The practitioners did not cooperate, so the police hysterically shouted at them, causing one practitioner to experience heart trouble. This practitioner covered his chest with his hand and asked the officer to stop, but the officers said: "You are pretending, and even if you really die, it is useless." The police hired a car to take the practitioners to the Domestic Security Division of the police department. A group of people passing by gathered around, so the practitioners explained the truth to them, told them how Falun Gong practitioners are suppressed, and that believing in Dafa will keep them safe from disaster and blessed. The police continued to spread lies and slander Dafa. One male practitioner had blood on his head from being beaten by the police. The police took them to the local station and then swaggered away. (They arrested the elderly practitioner the next day.)

Yushu City Peiying Neighborhood Committee Harasses a Practitioner and Family Prior to Olympics

On July 14, 2008, the Olympic torch passed through Changchun, Jilin City. The Peiying Neighborhood Committee staff monitored practitioners for the entire night on the 13th and the entire day and night on the 14th. Eight to nine men and women stayed near a certain practitioner's home and supervised the family's every move--they even followed them when they went shopping. A person surnamed Song, who works for the Peiying Street No. 2 committee, was the worst: when practitioners went to the toilet, he tried to follow. When a practitioner questioned him, stating that this kind of treatment was hooliganism, he shamelessly replied, "You are Falun Gong. If you want to call the police, I can hand you over to the police. You must not take anything with you today. If you do, I will take you to prison immediately."

Their unlawful acts have created a huge disturbance in the lives of Dafa practitioners and their families, particularly their elderly mothers, and have presented an enormous inconvenience for their neighbors.