(Clearwisdom.net) From 2005 to 2007, at least 100 Falun Gong practitioners in Miyi County were illegally arrested and imprisoned. Zhang Wei (male) is the head of Miyi County and the Party secretary. Wang Yongxiang (male) is the director of the 610 Office and the secretary of the Politics and Law Committee. Gao Yucheng (male) is the assistant director (the Politics and Law Committee deputy secretary) and Li Guohong (male) is the police chief. These men are directly responsible for homes being ransacked, practitioners sent to brainwashing centers and money being extorted from innocent people. Many of the practitioners were illegally sentenced to prison or forced labor. From the beginning of 2008, the Miyi local government has strengthened the persecution against Falun Gong using "safeguarding the Olympics" as the excuse.

On January 11, 2008, Lu Chengjun (male) and other officers from Xiaojie Police Station went to search practitioner Ms. Cai Huilian's home in Baima Town. They forced Ms. Cai and her husband into a police car and took them back to the police station. Ms. Cai's husband, Mr. Li Jiaming, was released the same day. Ms. Cai Huilian was detained for 14 days.

Also on January 11, a group of seven people led by Deng Dingyin (male) from Binggu Town ransacked practitioner Mr. Li Yongquan's home. The group included officers from the Miyi Domestic Security Division and Tian Weixin (male) from the Binggu Police Station. They did not find anything, but still detained Mr. Li Yongquan for 13 days. He was brutally persecuted in detention.

On March 4, 2008, practitioners from Baima Town, Ms. Song Xuemei, Ms. Cai Huilian, and Ms. Gu Xingfeng, were arrested and detained at Miyi Domestic Security Division. They were later transferred to Miyi Detention Center and detained for one month.

On May 22, 2008, practitioners Ms. Hu Xingyu, Ms. Jue Fafeng, and Ms. Gao Longying were arrested by Miyi Domestic Security Division officers and detained for one month. Zhou Lin (male) led a group of people to ransack their homes.

On July 30, 2008, officers from the Miyi County Police Department, the Domestic Security Division and local police stations began making mass arrests of all practitioners within the county. Dozens of homes were ransacked, and many practitioners were arrested. Those whose names are currently known include: Ms. Yang Xingmei, Mr. Yang Shunfa, Ms. Chang Lianmei, Mr. Shen Dezhi, Ms. Peng Qionglian, Ms. Luo Jiaying, Ms. Bai Zhaoxia, Ms. Wang Guoqiong, Mr. Mao Jianping, Ms. Yu Lan and Mr. Yang Fuzhong (married couple), Ms. Hu Shaohui, Ms. Zhang Kaiqin, Ms. Gu Xingfeng, Ms. Cai Huilian, Mr. Zhang Zhenghuan, Mr. Zhang Zhengchao, Ms. Yao Yuanfang, Mr. Xiong Xuecai, Ms. Xian Chaozhen, Ms. Zhang Jiahui and Ms. Song Xuemei. The police took away their ID cards and their household registrations. They have lost their freedom and many have been detained in detention centers and brainwashing centers.

Those responsible:

Zhang Wei (male), Party secretary: 86-13982361266 (cell)
Li Guohong (male), chief of police department: 86-13908149342 (cell)
Yang Zihua (male), head of Domestic Security Division: 86-812-8176265
Wang Yongxiang (male), director of the "610 Office" and secretary of Politics and Law Committee: 86-13908145856 (cell)
Gao Yucheng (male), deputy secretary of Politics and Law Committee: 86-13982332686 (cell), 86-13982346598 (cell)