(Clearwisdom.net) Prior to May 13, 2008, when the Olympic torch was scheduled to be in Guizhou Province, police officers in many areas used "looking up registered permanent addresses" as a ploy to monitor practitioners. Many practitioners' homes were ransacked. Many practitioners were arrested and taken to brainwashing centers or detention centers. On July 14 all the streets and mountain trails were blocked at night and people were forbidden to travel when the Olympic torch was in Zunyi City. At the same time, the Zunyi Police Department took unified action and arrested all the "registered" practitioners. Those practitioners were taken to the police stations in their residential areas. Because there are more than 700,000 residents in the Honghuagang District and the Huichuan District of Zunyi and there are many police stations, it is difficult to know how many practitioners were arrested. Some practitioners had their homes were ransacked as well.

It is known that the Shanhailu Police Station in the Huichuan District was responsible for the arrests of more than ten practitioners. Two of them (their names are unknown) were taken to forced labor camps. The arrested practitioners included Peng Yougui, Xie Shude, Zhao Yuhong, Zhao Yuhua, Xu Huazhong, and Mr. and Mrs. Liu. Sun Jin from the Honghuagang district went to the detention center to deliver money for those practitioners who were arrested. She was videotaped there and arrested after she returned home.

Since the beginning of this year, officials with the Zunyi Police and the Domestic Security Division of Guizhou Province have increased their activities to persecute practitioners. They have used many different kinds of evil approaches and taken advantage of practitioners' compassion. They trained spies who appeared among practitioners as "new practitioners." They actively asked for truth-clarification materials, and they joined group Fa studies. Thus they knew practitioners in various study groups as well as the source of truth-clarification materials. They even went with other practitioners to distribute truth clarification materials. However, while other practitioners were arrested, they were not.