(Clearwisdom.net) We as Dafa practitioners all know that Master has used "going to college" as an example and taught us a Fa principle. As a student, you should study hard and meet the school's requirements. Then you will naturally get into college. However, if you worry about getting into college all the time and cannot be calm enough to study solidly and do well in your schoolwork, then the result will be the opposite of what you hope for--you will not get into college.

It is the same principle for "disintegrating the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)." If Dafa practitioners do the three things solidly and steadily with no attachment to the immediate disintegration of the CCP, the result is that the CCP will disintegrate. In the meantime, more sentient beings will understand the truth and be saved. We talk about disintegrating the CCP every day--sending forth righteous thoughts to disintegrate the CCP and conducting activities to disintegrate the CCP. However, our righteous thoughts might not be pure and strong enough and our activities might not truly help more sentient beings understand the CCP nature and renounce the CCP after learning the facts. Why not? With more activities, more speeches, and more listeners, even we start regarding "disintegrating the CCP" as the goal for Dafa practitioners. The activities can have that effect to some degree, but the basis and mindset might not be maintained that purely. Therefore, it might cause a misunderstanding of Dafa and Dafa practitioners. And the result, which we are attached to, might not manifest.

My personal opinion is that we need to touch peoples' hearts when we clarify the truth. We need to have a holistic view and view things with a clear mind when we plan activities. For example, prior to the Olympics, we only talked about "disintegrating the CCP" and we were attached to what would happen during "the Olympics." We failed to further clarify the facts to Eutelsat, the governments, and organizations in different countries. There was a lack of planning and activities to clarify the truth to different key levels and disintegrate the evil completely. Therefore, the CCP's penetration of Eutelsat and BBG was realized step by step. Many easily got the urge to gain quick and easy "benefits," lured by the false images created by the Communist regime. This is very dangerous to those people's futures and it is not the result Dafa practitioners want to see.

Fa-rectification cultivation during the past nine years has proven that the attachments Dafa practitioners have will not only interfere with our cultivation and cultivation environment, but also will impact the future of many sentient beings. We should never take it for granted or ignore the importance of it. Our every action will reflect the effect of validating the Fa and the responsibilities to save sentient beings.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything inappropriate.