(Clearwisdom.net) A fellow practitioner had been imprisoned for three years and just recently was to be released. The wardens said that they would release her only her if the local 610 Office staff would come to the jail to sign the paperwork. The 610 Office staff went to the jail and tried to take the practitioner to a brainwashing center. However, with Master's merciful protection and fellow practitioners' strong righteous thoughts, the practitioner's family was able to take her home safely. I enlightened to the following points from this particular event.

Master Strengthens Practitioners' Righteous Thoughts

Dafa practitioners' righteous thoughts are mighty, and the power of the whole body of practitioners is even stronger.

Two months before the practitioner was supposed to be released, several fellow practitioners started to send forth righteous thoughts intensively. Local practitioners reached a common understanding that the persecution happened due to a loophole in the cultivation of the jailed practitioner and practitioners as a whole body. At this point in the Fa-Rectification Period, we must not allow the evil to continue its persecution.

At around 5 a.m. on the day that the practitioner was supposed to be released, Practitioners A and B went near the jail with the practitioner's family in a car belonging to Practitioner C's husband. They started to send forth righteous thoughts. Some practitioners living in the city had already gone to send forth righteous thoughts near the jail for the whole afternoon before.

The next day, more practitioners (almost 30 in total) went to send forth righteous thoughts near the jail again. Large amounts of evil beings and demons were eliminated in other dimensions. The wardens were determined to hold the practitioner at first, but finally gave up right at the moment of global sending forth righteous thoughts at 12 p.m. The 610 Office staff had no choice but to leave early.

Finally we won in this battle against the evil. All the practitioners who participated were moved to tears with gratitude for Master. Whether we knew one another or not, we held hands and reminded each other not to develop the heart of zealotry, but to keep strong righteous thoughts.

Using a Divine Mind Instead of a Human One, Dafa Practitioners Can Control Everything

Two months before the release date, Practitioners A and C went to the practitioner's home and talked with her mother, suggesting that she go with her other adult children early that day to pick up her daughter before the 610 Office staff tried to take her. They offered to borrow a car to use to pick up the practitioner from jail.

Her mother was frightened because of the persecution her daughter had endured. She didn't understand her daughter's belief in Dafa and wasn't very friendly toward other practitioners. However, over the past three years, practitioners have shown concern for the family and clarified the truth to them so that they are aware of the evilness of the Chinese Communist Party and understand that heaven is eliminating the Party. Once the practitioner's family understood that there was nothing wrong with believing in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, they changed their attitude toward Dafa practitioners. Her elderly mother agreed to let us arrange the car for them that day.

A few days later, however, she changed her mind and didn't want us to arrange for a car or for us to join them to pick up her daughter. Hearing this, we were somewhat angry: "How could she not accept our help? Alright, we won't go then." At that moment we too were using our human mentality. From studying the Fa, we realized that the evil in another dimension had controlled them and made them scared so that they would cut off their relationship with Dafa practitioners and the evil could continue its persecution. We couldn't let the evil control things this way. Practitioner D went to the mother's home twice to go over the pros and cons of having fellow practitioners join them, and Practitioner A also talked with the family the evening before the pick-up day. In the end, the family agreed to let us go with them.

When we arrived at the jail, the family members' attitudes were shaken again. They asked Practitioners A and B to leave a couple of times, and the older brother of the imprisoned practitioner said meanly, "We can pick her up ourselves. What are you doing here? You should leave right now, we don't need you. Don't stay here and bring us trouble." Practitioners A and B had a brief discussion and strengthened their thoughts, saying "We are here to get our fellow practitioner out of jail. We will not leave without her.

As a former government official, Practitioner B was used to being treated very politely. Confronted by mean words that she had never heard before, she didn't get upset or moved. When she was kicked out by the family, she went to her car and sent forth righteous thoughts. Afterwards, she went back to the jail waiting room and joined the family again. The family members were very anxious because they didn't believe it would be possible to take the practitioner home due to the 610 Office. Practitioners A and B said to them in a steadfast manner, "We must take her home today, as today is the release date. It's illegal to not to let her go home. Don't be scared of them." The practitioners also told the family that there were more than 30 practitioners gathering nearby, so even if the 610 Office people did put the practitioner in their car, we could still manage to rescue her. Later on, the situation was close to what the practitioners had predicted. Once we used our divine minds, we had the say and were in control of everything.

The released practitioner had not been able to read the Fa or practice the exercises during her three years of imprisonment. She asked for copies of Master's later lectures after she had been home for five days. She finished collecting all the later lectures in 10 days and has by now read them all. She plans, after she has read enough and feels confident in understanding the Fa, to persuade practitioners that have enlightened along an evil path and those who have gone to temples for conversion (some of them were imprisoned illegally as well) to return to Dafa.