(Clearwisdom.net) The other day was my grandfather's birthday. The whole family held a glass up and said, "Thank you Teacher for saving us. Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." My uncle said, "Thanks to Lingling who brought Dafa home, otherwise we wouldn't have what we have today."

My name is Lingling. I am twenty years old, and I would like to describe the physical and mental changes that I have undergone in the past few years.

Like most young people today, I used to focus on enjoying life and having fun. I liked to dress in name-brand clothes. I did not study hard. The money I made in a month was not enough to support me for half a month, so I would borrow money from colleagues. I would then ask for money from my parents at month's end. I was the only daughter, so my parents tried to satisfy me as much as they could, which I took for granted.

A few months ago, I switched to another company, feeling that the job I had was too tiring. Sitting across from my desk was an older lady, a Falun Gong practitioner. She is truly a nice person, kind to everyone. People liked to chat with her and share their thoughts with her. She cared about my work and my life. She helped me by telling me how I should behave and told me many stories.

Gradually I learned a bit about how to truly tell what is right and wrong, and corrected some of my bad habits and behaviors.

I was quite envious of the "auntie" because she knew so much. She asked me to study harder, and not to waste time when I am young. She not only taught me about work-related matters, but also frequently gave me some pamphlets about Falun Gong and Minghui Weekly. I gradually learned what Falun Gong truly is, and my views about life gradually changed. I knew how I should live my life.

I had been deceived by the CCP's propaganda when I was at home, and held a negative bias against Falun Gong. I asked "auntie" to help me quit the CCP and its associated organizations. I no longer believed in their lies. I wanted to read the Falun Gong books and would do so whenever I had time. Auntie let me read Teacher's lectures, one after another, from the earliest one on. I read them with great enthusiasm and read them several times.

I lived in a dormitory, where I shared a room with seven roommates. I used to be like them, watching TV at night, shopping, going wherever there was fun, going out with guys, and trying my best to enjoy life. After I studied the Falun Gong books, I was no longer so interested in these activities. "Auntie" copied Teacher's lectures, exercise music, and music that practitioners created onto a MP3 player for me. During the day I would read the book after I had finished my work, and at night I would listen to Teacher's lectures. I no longer went out with them. They said that I had changed, and that my way of living was boring, but I felt that they were wasting their time.

In the evenings, I was often the only one in my dorm room. I would have felt lonely and cried in the past. But now I felt fulfilled with Teacher and Dafa with me. "Auntie" also taught me the Falun Gong exercises, but the environment did not allow me to practice them freely. All I could do was to read the book and practitioners' experience sharing. I envied people who had many changes in their bodies or could see this or that in other dimensions. I felt nothing, nor did I encounter any physical or mental tribulations. Except for once, I saw a rainbow-colored Falun spinning in my dream, which looked the same as the one shown on the exercise tape. I did not think of it as a big deal.

I did not know whether I was Teacher's disciple or not, nor did I know if I had a Falun, since I had only read the book for three months. But something happened last month to change my mind. I know now I am a disciple of Teacher's, I have a Falun, and Teacher is looking after me. I have witnessed the wonders of Dafa, and I am the luckiest person in the world.

One day in late May, my uncle was on his way home riding a motorcycle, and was hit by a drunk driver. He was knocked into the air and fell to the ground, breaking his arm. His liver was lacerated in three spots, and his kidneys were damaged. They rushed him to the hospital, but he stayed in a coma and was hanging onto his life by a thread.

They called me two days later, telling me that my uncle was dying. He had always been the nicest person to me and I cried throughout the phone call. My uncle was only thirty years old, and has a nine-month-old toddler. If he died, how would my aunt go on? I told the practitioner "auntie" sitting across the desk what had happened when she asked. She said, "It is going to be all right. As long as you believe it, Dafa will be able to save him. You will be able to save him, but you need to hurry, lest it be too late."

Then she told me many instances of people being saved by reciting "Falun Dafa is good, and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good." I had read in pamphlets describing these incidents before. She then got some Dafa pamphlets for me, and told me to have all my family members begin to read them aloud. My uncle should read them too if he is awake. She said, "As long as you are sincere, Teacher will definitely save him if you do this right away and ask Teacher for help."

I began reciting the sentences in my mind that day. The next day I took the day off and took the bus home. My uncle was still in a coma. I told my parents, and my aunts about Dafa saving lives, and asked them to recite "Falun Dafa is good". They had all been deceived by the CCP's propaganda, so they did not want to believe me. They scolded me instead. I said, "You guys can decide yourselves, but this is the only way to save my uncle." They had no other alternatives, so they recited "Falun Dafa is good" with me.

We recited the sentences throughout the night. The next morning we called my other uncle at the hospital to check on the sick uncle's situation. He responded, "It's the same, still in a coma." We were all a bit disappointed, and I was slightly frustrated. I wanted to go and see my uncle in the hospital, but my family members said, "He is still in a coma. What good will it do if you go?" I said: "It's on my way to work anyway." So I went.

The weird thing was that my lower abdomen began to get warm at the hospital, though I had no idea why. It got even warmer when I was in the intensive care unit where my uncle was at. I walked up next to his bed, hoping that he would wake up so that I could talk to him. Surprisingly, he indeed opened up his eyes slowly. I was astonished. He looked at me and said, "Lingling, I almost could not see you anymore. I was dying last night, but someone saved me in my dream." I told him it was Teacher who had saved him, and told him about Falun Gong. He told me that he had read Falun Gong books in the past, more so than I had. He knew that they all taught people to be good. The problem was that later the CCP banned them, so he stopped reading them.

We talked happily, but my other uncle was upset and wanted us not to believe in them, and said disrespectful words against Teacher and Dafa. He could not blame my sick uncle, so he scolded me instead. He had been mean to me since I was young, and even beat me before. I did not like him. I wanted to leave, but my sick uncle would not let me, wanting me to chat with him more. So I continued for a while, and then I left. He waved goodbye when I left, which surprised me.

I told the family what happened in the hospital after I got home. They were all very happy, and believed that Dafa had saved my uncle. That afternoon, he began asking for food. I thought everything was fine, so I went to work. What I did not expect was that after I left, my other uncle strongly objected to the belief in Dafa, and said that the whole family was being superstitious. He said that my sick uncle was by no means saved by Teacher, and it was a pure coincidence. He bombarded my sick uncle, saying that Dafa was bad in such and such ways. Afterward, the whole family started to believe him, and my sick uncle also began to question his belief in Dafa. His condition immediately turned for the worse. His liver began to have problems, and so did his kidneys. He fell into a coma again, and his life was in peril. The doctor told us that the county hospital was too small to save him, and that we needed to take him to a bigger hospital if we don't want to give up.

Our family asked for a friend's help and got him transferred to the Qingdao Shanda Hospital, the best in Shandong Province. They performed kidney scans twice a day, costing 8,000 Yuan each. This, plus blood transfusion, tests, and other treatments meant that the bill was over 20,000 yuan a day. In a few days, the medical bill was over 160,000 yuan. Adding in the county hospital bill, it totaled 200,000 yuan. To a farming family, that is an astronomical number. The truck driver who caused the accident brought over 30,000 yuan and said that that was all he had. We have not seen him since.

All of our family's savings were used up and sources of borrowing exhausted. The doctor said, "It is hopeless. The only thing we can do for him is a kidney transplant. His arm is dying because we could not operate on it. If it gets worse, it may need to be amputated." My family members were all shocked. The kidney transplant would cost several hundred thousand yuan. Where would they get the money from? Would he be OK after the transplant? With an arm amputated, isn't he handicapped from then on? If the operation failed, how were they going to repay the debt? His parents and brothers were the first ones to give up. They would not pay any money, and they would not even come to visit him. His parents-in-law also told his wife to give up, and so she did, too. I also felt that it was hopeless, and the only thing to do was to wait for him to die.

Learning of the situation, "auntie" from across the desk said, "No way. We have to save him, and by no means can we let them amputate his arm. How would he do the exercises then? How would your family face him in the future? You have to call your parents-in-law and his wife. You have to save him. Only Master Li can save him. Why don't I go visit your uncle with you?"

So I called my parents and parents-in-law, and went to the Qingdao Shanda Hospital and told my uncle's wife, "We have to trust Dafa and believe that Teacher can save uncle. We need to just recite the words sincerely." She said, "I feel my belly ache as soon as I recite them." I said, "Didn't you have a tumor there? You are being healed. Maybe by reciting the sentences, your tumor will disappear too." This gave her some confidence.

I went to see my uncle in intensive care. Only one family member was allowed to see him every afternoon for 15 minutes. He was in a coma all the time. When I went there that afternoon, curiously my stomach felt warm again. Soon, he woke up. Seeing it was me, he said, crying, "I don't want to die." I said, "This time you must trust Teacher. Teacher can definitely save you." He nodded his head forcefully.

He was able to take meals the next day, and all of the tests came back fine. By the third day, they were all normal. The doctor said that the arm could be operated on and no amputation was needed. The doctor thought that this was unbelievable. Since the hospital was awfully expensive and the family had used up all their money, they transferred him to a hospital in Wendeng for the operation. The operation went well, and he was discharged in a week. All he needed was a few more days of rest at home. His wife was still concerned, so she sent him back to the Qingdao Shanda Hospital to have a thorough examination. They found that everything was fine. After a few more days of rest at home, he was fully recovered.

A few days ago, my grandfather celebrated his birthday. The whole family held their glasses up and yelled from the bottom of their hearts: "Thanks to Master Li for saving lives. Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good."

People at my workplace knew that Dafa is good, but did not expect it to be so miraculous. Through this event, they have indeed witnessed that Dafa is wonderful, and many asked to read Zhuan Falun. The director called me to his office and asked about it. His daughter-in-law and her father both wanted to read the book after he had told them my story.

I told my friends and classmates about the story. They all felt that this was just unbelievable. I have a good friend whose Mom's health was bad, so I gave her some Falun Gong materials. She held them up and happily thanked me.

It was quite peculiar that as long as I talked about Falun Gong with people, my belly would get warm. I asked "auntie" why. She said, "The Falun helps oneself when it turns clockwise, and it helps others when it turns counter-clockwise. Your belly has a Falun in it. It is helping you save people."

"Great!" I thought. That means that I have a Falun too. I am also Teacher's disciple. I will study the Fa hard, and work to become a true disciple of Teacher's to save more people.

Through this event I also saw that the best people in the world are Dafa practitioners. In an emergency, when family members themselves were throwing in the towel and giving up, practitioners still took risks to help and save people. They are the most wonderful people that I have met, and I want to be become one too.