To Officials of the Jinan City Procuratorate, Shandong Province:

I am a resident of New York City in the USA. I must to tell you about some of the things that have happened to my relatives in China. My father Zhang Xingwu and my mother Liu Pinjie are both kind, righteous ordinary citizens. However, they have met with illegal persecution due to their practice of Falun Gong.

At around 11p.m. on July 16, 2008, the Jinan City Zhongqu Public Security Bureau and the Weijiazhuang Police Station dispatched a group of unidentified individuals to my parents' home, breaking through the door and taking them away. Thereafter, my parents' home was ransacked and many personal belongings stolen. To date, there has been no list of things that were taken away. Such actions are in direct violation of Chinese laws and I urgently request that you investigate and release my parents.

Moreover, my parents had more than 100,000 yuan in savings that they kept at home--it was their life savings. When their house was broken into, they were told by the police that the money would be safely kept by the authorities. However, to date, it has not been returned. May I ask what is the legal basis for such actions? My parents also had a number of documents, as well as my mother's newly-bought cellphone, that have not been returned.

Dear Procurator, I hope that Chinese police departments will be able to treat citizens according to the law in a respectable fashion instead of persecuting innocent people rampantly.

US Citizen Zhang Shuangyin

July 31, 2008

Weijiazhuang Police Station Chief: Zhong Wei (approximately 30 years old): 86-13361012598(Cell)