(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Gong practitioner Chi Chunxia, a native of Mishan City, Heilongjiang Province, was arrested in January 2002. After being detained in the Politic and Security Section of the City Police Department, falling down from a building during the detention made her become disabled. Half of her body was numb, and six of her toes were cut off.

Domestic Security Division (the former "Political and Security Section") officers arrested her husband on July 28, 2007 for distributing truth-clarifying materials. He was imprisoned in Suihua City Forced Labor Camp where he had to work for more than 10 hours a day. Family visits were prohibited.

Chi Chunxia, a native of Miyun City, Heilongjiang Province, became disabled from falling down from a building during detention

At about 8:00 a.m. on January 3, 2002, agents from the Miyun #1 Police Station Yang Jinggui and Cheng Weling went to practitioners Chi Chunxia and Xue Yanrong's residence. The thugs pried the door open and broke in. They asked for Chi and Xue's names. After Chi and Xue told them what their names were, the thugs searched the home, without showing any search warrant or their ID cards. Chi's 2-year-old child screamed with fear. After searching for half an hour, the thugs called the police station and told them to bring more people and a car. They said they had found some Falun Gong books and materials.

After the police car arrived, they searched again. They even turned the things in the home upside down and left the home in chaos. The policemen put the books into the police car and pushed the three family members into the car. Chi, Xue and their child were taken to the police station where they went through five hours of interrogation. At 3:00 p.m. they were transferred to the Political and Security Section on the fourth floor in the police department where the policemen continued interrogate them.

In the Mishan City Police Department, Political and Security Section heads Meng Qingqi, Zhao Yongshan and Li Gang beat and verbally abused Chi. Chi was frightened and did not know what to do. When she went to the toilet she heard her child crying, hence she ran toward that room. Some policemen then shouted, "Chi is running away," and chased her. She was frightened and did not know where to go, and she fell out of a window and onto a balcony on the second floor, unconscious.

The policemen thought she hid inside the toilet room. But when they did not see her they shouted again, "Chi had run away." Screaming, they rushed out of the police department. When they did not find her, they gave up searching. However, at that moment, Chi had fallen onto the balcony and fainted. On the second day, some residents living in the building across the street (the City Court residential building) saw her. They called the police. Chi was unconscious when she was taken to the hospital. After going through weeks of emergency treatment, she came back alive.

After Chi fell from the window, Political and Security Section personnel imprisoned Chi's husband Xue Yanrong in a detention center. The next day, during the more than ten hours when Chi was in hospital, the head of the Mishan City 610 Office Wang Shaolin took Xue out of the detention center. On their way he said, "Your wife is under intensive care in the hospital right now. She is probably in critical condition. You should be prepared." He continued, "You're still so young, but why did she jump out of the building?" After saying that he unlocked Xue's handcuffs and said, "Don't do anything stupid in the hospital. It'll be bad for you!". Police department head Liu Qin (since demoted) brought some thugs to interrogate Xue, "Who instigated Chi to jump? Tell us this person's name right now!" They continued, "Does Chi have any mental problems? Has she said anything abnormal before?"

After Xue refused all of their questions attempting to twist the facts, they said, "You have to write down concisely everything you know before we can release you, or else you'll have to serve forced labor." After two hours of interrogation, Xue was sent back to the detention center.

During the morning of January 5, 2002, after Xue's family members' repeatedly requested Xue's release, police officers decided to transfer him from the detention center to the hospital to take care of Chi in the hospital's monitoring room. They forced the family members to guarantee and sign a statement with 10 agreements that included: when Xue is taking care of Chi, (1) he cannot leave the hospital; (2) he cannot contact other Falun Gong practitioners; (3) he cannot talk to any reporters; (4) he cannot tell anyone their situation (for more details, please read the complete statement). If Xue violates any of these agreements, he would be taken back to the detention center.

With Xue's extensive and gentle two-weeks' care, Chi gradually gained some consciousness. The doctors said that Chi probably would remain in vegetative state because her injuries were too severe; in addition to the severe frostbite, her feet were disabled. Because of that, six of her toes were amputated.

When Chi was in critical condition, the policemen stationed in the hospital's monitoring room searched Chi's family members' bags, IDs and body. In addition, when Xue was taking care of Chi, personnel from the Security Division, from the Criminal Technology Division, from the Public Security Division and all the others that were related to the police came to the hospital and threatened and induced Xue to tell them everything he knew. Their goal was to find excuses to shirk responsibility for Chi's falling off the window.

In the following days, with pressure from family members and society, agents at the Political and Security Section held a meeting to answer questions (also called for explanation) on the fourth floor at the Police Building. Their major points were: Chi jumped from the building and was severely wounded, but they were not responsible for her action. Because of that, they refused to pay for her medical cost (video recording is available). When the family members asked, "She was wounded while in police custody in the police department. If the policemen were not responsible, who would be? If you say you don't want to handle this matter, who would? Somebody writes a proof for us, then we will not come to you anymore."

After that, someone from the police department said, "You don't have the right. We won't write you any proof, nor will we pay for your medical cost." Such a question-answering meeting ended with the police department's decision announcement that they were not responsible. Family members repeatedly appealed to the authorities for a satisfactory explanation of the matter, but they did not get any response. As a result, Chi's medicine was stopped several times when her family members were unable to gather enough money to pay for her medical expenses. Also because of that, Chi was extremely weak, and it was very hard for her to recover and deal with things in daily life.

February 11, 2002 was the day of Chinese New Year. However, Chi's family could no longer collect any more money to pay for her medical expenses and had to let Chi be released from the hospital. Chi was still in vegetative state. She had become incontinent, motionless and could not speak. Every time, it took a long time to feed her. Yet, Politic and Security Section personnel still came to her residence to harass, threaten and frighten her family members, making it very hard for her to recover.

Currently, half of Chi's body is paralyzed. With six of her toes amputated, the wound on her heel is extremely painful. Her memory is not clear, and her eyesight is blurry. She can easily fall while walking. Because of her family's limited finances, she is not taking in enough nutrients. Every month they are still paying 270 Yuan for hospital costs (they owe over 5,000 Yuan). The related government offices will not help them, even after numerous contacts. The hospital has been urging them to pay off all the cost immediately. Life for her family is hard.

Her husband Xue Yanrong and another practitioner Zhang Chuanfu were arrested on July 28, 2007 when they distributed truth-clarification materials at Dangbi Township in Mishan City. On August 22, 2007 Mishan Police Department deputy head Han Jingxin tried to extort 10,000 Yuan from Zhang's mother to release him. Zhang's mother believed that Zhang was not guilty of any crime, hence did not want to pay Han any money. That afternoon, Han said, "If you bring just 5,000 Yuan, we'll release him."

On August 24, 2007, the families of both practitioners paid the police department 5,000 Yuan each. Han told them to hand the money to a police officer. When they asked for a receipt, the policewoman said, "We never give people any receipts."

Once they had the money, Han Jingxin sent Xue Yanrong and Zhang Chuanfu to the Suihua City Forced Labor Camp. In the afternoon of July 10, 2007, Zhang Chuanfu's father asked Han to allow him to see his son. Han replied, "He's been sent away." Zhang's father asked, "Why was he sent away? Where did you send him? What crime had he committed?" Han said, "Distributing Falun Gong materials is against the law. I don't know where he was sent. Go ask the detention center officials." Zhang's father asked detention center head Cui Hongjian, "Why didn't you inform the families when you sentenced our child?" Cui replied, "We don't have any obligation to inform you." Zhang's father said, "This is against the law." He also explained to Cui the principles that "Good is rewarded with good and evil is met with evil." Cui said nothing.

The former political and security section head Meng Qingqi has suffered retribution for his evil deeds. His vicious actions have affected his entire family. His wife Sun Huiqing became suddenly ill on the Chinese New Year's Day in 2001 and was hospitalized and had appendix surgery. In September 2001, lower back pain prevented Meng Qingqi from standing straight, but he continued to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. In 2003 his daughter was involved in a car accident. In mid January 2004, while driving to Jixi City, his car collided with another vehicle. His neck was injured, and two of his ribs were fractured. He had kidney and lung injuries, and his lower body was paralyzed. Then in 2005, he was demoted to the rank of an ordinary officer.

Police Department head: Cui Mulin (is currently the Regulatory Team head in Jixi City)
Domestic Security Divsion head Wang Yaoguang: 86-467-5210737(Office), 86-467-5178676(Home), 86-13945822917(Cell)

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