(Clearwisdom.net) Nine years ago the CCP incepted its ruthless persecution of Falun Gong. Since then Falun Gong practitioners all around the world have been peacefully appealing and exposing the CCP's crimes to oppose the persecution. On July 20, 2008, practitioners from Taoyuan, Xinzhu, Zhongli and Neili in Taiwan held a one-day activity, making use of telephone calls, text messages, and the Internet to clarify the truth to people of Mainland China. They informed the people about the tide of quitting the CCP and also called for an end to the persecution.

The practitioners from about 10 material production sites in Taiwan spread information to Chinese people who were deceived by the CCP's lies. Some of the practitioners called police stations directly, as well as National Security offices and "610 Offices," and police officers who were personally involved in acts of persecution. Practitioners warned them that good is rewarded with good and evil meets with karmic retribution; repressing Falun Gong is wicked, and that their ruling regime-ordered actions of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, killing them, and other severe tortures constitute major criminal acts. Practitioners also told them that the number of people quitting the Party has reached over 40 million, including many police officers and agents from the 610 Office and National Security.

Studying the Fa before group truth-clarification activities

Using text messages to clarify the truth

One after another, the practitioners picked up the telephone to clarify the truth

Ms. Liang made truth-clarifying phone calls with her elementary school aged son and daughter. One policeman initially even tried to kid around with her daughter, but the little girl rebuked him right away saying, "Where are your manners? Do you realize that your life is in danger?" The policeman stopped joking and listened attentively to the truth from overseas. Ms. Liang's son also took over the phone and loudly asked the policeman, "Resigning from the Party guarantees safety; do you want to quit the CCP?"

A practitioner shared his experience: "Making phone calls is also a process of raising one's xinxing. Most times fear would emanate from the bottom of the heart, such as not being understood or getting yelled at. To deal with these fears, I put some of Minghui/Clearwisdom's persecution stories at a place where I can see them as soon as I wake up, alerting myself to be diligent and righteous. And, gradually the fears subsided."

Ms. Liu is a university lecturer. She became enraged as she made a phone call to the police and thought about the police persecuting practitioners. Later on, reminding herself she is a practitioner, she immediately calmed down and spoke to the police peacefully and clarified the truth to them.

Ms. Yang looks after her grandson at home. One day after she convinced a man from Mainland China to quit CCP, she chose an alias for him. The alias was Jianming, and the man told her excitedly that his real name was homophonous with the alias she picked for him.

Mr. Chen owns a barber shop. When he took time to make a phone call, he met with 3-4 policemen taking turns to hear the truth from him. It really took quite a while to debate those policemen and let them hear the truth.

Another practitioner shared his experience that it is not important whether or not one has success sending text messages; it all depends on the practitioner's mindset who sends those text messages. They can always successfully reach their designation when the practitioner has strong righteous thoughts and fully believes in the Fa. He also told a story about an elderly practitioner from China. When that elderly practitioner learned that sending text messages could be a way to offer sentient beings salvation, he learned how to do it. Since then almost all his text messages were successfully delivered; but one day another practitioner found out the elderly practitioner's cell phone SIM card had not been installed properly, but despite this he sent messages every day.

A practitioner made a phone call to Shandong Province and convinced a man to quit the CCP. When the practitioner told him to remember, " Falun Dafa is good" he said, "Here, we all know Falun Dafa is good!"

It was a specific practitioner's first time to make a phone call. When he made phone calls he could feel a very strong energy field and the power of righteous thoughts. Having made several calls, he convinced quite a few people to quit the CCP. Other practitioners close by were also trying to help him. Some of them helped to pick alias designations; others sent righteous thoughts. This practitioner realized how quickly he could learn while doing group-truth clarification and eliminate fear.

In Neili, an elderly practitioner had not made any phone calls for almost six months because he had to look after his grandson every day. That particular day he successfully helped a young man to quit the CCP, and gradually regained confidence in himself regarding truth clarification efforts.

Another practitioner said: "Obstructed by my ego, I feared to do or did not know how to participate in and carrying out certain projects. But once I overcame those notions and attachments, when trying to do some projects I found that I could do well as long as I had the will. For instance, I used to work only with a telephone group; if a message needed to be sent out, I always handed it over to the practitioners in the text message group. Later on I tried to send a message by myself and found I could do both making phone calls and sending text messages. Doing both myself is more convenient and better for the truth clarification."

Another practitioner said she speaks fast and would speak even faster when she was nervous. It happened several times during her telephone truth-clarification to people in China that the other side often said, "You speak too fast! I cannot hear what you are saying!" From then on she adjusted her rate of speaking when conversing with others. Slowing down when speaking also eliminated her habit of being in a hurry.

Mr. Xie, an elderly practitioner, said, "I am not good at talking, but I join in the telephone truth clarification activity every week. Although I am not good at giving a speech I can still do truth clarification by reading from the prepared script, helping precious Chinese people to quit the CCP."

Falun Gong practitioners have peacefully and rationally opposed the persecution for nine years, and they will not stop their efforts until the persecution stops. Practitioners who make phone calls from Taiwan to clarify the truth will hold to their commitment "never stop calling as long as the persecution still exists" and truly wish: as history turns over the darkest page in its book of human civilization, all people in China will stand on the side of justice and kindness.