(Clearwisdom.net) Since July of this year, using the Olympic Games as a pretext, the police in Jing County, Hebei Province have colluded with various local county government agencies to search Falun Gong practitioners' homes and confiscate their belongings.

Persecution Incidents in Liuji Township, Jing County

At around noon on July 28, 2008, local officials Chang Ming and Wang Jingliang from Liuji Township led more than ten officers from the local police station to persecute practitioners in Gaolangtou Village. They rode in four vehicles. Using the excuse of searching for satellite dishes, they broke into the homes of Wang Fengyun, Zhang Guizhen and Ye Fengqin, without any warrants. They rummaged through all chests and cupboards and confiscated satellites dishes, a set of recordings of Master Li's teachings, photos of Master Li, and Falun Gong books. They even tore up the couplets posted on the gates of the houses.

At noon on July 28, Li Gang and another official from Liuji Township went to search the house of practitioner Mr. Zhang Shengli and took a speaker and other belongings, worth several hundred yuan. Mr. Zhang was working odd jobs away from home and only his wife and daughter were at home. Both experienced severe shock.

Persecution Incidents in Liangji Township

On July 21, Party Branch Secretary Wan Zhensheng from Xiaomi Village in Liangji Township led Lu Guangdong, Liangji Party secretary and other staff from Liangji to harass practitioner Mr. Wan Zhenyi's family. They demanded to stay in Mr. Wan's house to monitor his every move and to restrict his personal freedom.

They have since harassed other practitioners' families in the same village every day.

On July 21, Liangji Township head Ma Fenlian, Party secretary Lu Guangdong and others went to practitioners Wang Zhanwen and Liu Liqi's homes three times in a row to harass them and took away all "Minghui Weekly" editions.

On July 21, more than twenty local officials and police from Liangji Township searched Mr. Wan Zhongming's house in Wanzhuang Village and took him to the county police department. They also confiscated truth-clarification materials, CDs and Falun Gong books. Wan Zhongming was transferred to Hengshui for detention. The authorities also sent thugs to monitor Mr. Wan's wife (also a practitioner) and to restrict her personal freedom.

On July 21, the local officials sent people to harass a number of practitioners in Wanzhuang Village, Xingzhuang Village, Yangzhuang Village and Zhangmao Village.

At around 3:00 p.m. on July 21, several carloads of people harassed practitioners. This occurred on orders of officials from the Jing County Police Department, from Liangji Township Party secretary Lu Guangdong, township head Ma Fenlian and agents from the local police. Led by Party secretary Liu Tieshan from Nanxiaozhuang Village, they smashed open the door to practitioner Ms. Cao Guizhen's home and searched her house. The sleeping Ms. Cao woke up suddenly. Lu Guangdong instructed the thugs to take away her satellite dish, and Ma Fenlian forcibly took away a photo of Master Li Hongzhi. Afterwards they broke into practitioner Mr. Li Zhongliang's house while he and his wife, Ms. Liu Haigu, were napping. They woke up in shock. The thugs rummaged through everything and took away a satellite dish and smashed another.

Village official Mi Donggang took another group of thugs to search practitioner Wang Qinggu' house. They broke in and took away a Falun Gong book. They then went to harass other practitioners in the village. However, because of practitioners' righteous thoughts to resist the persecution, the thugs failed to cause any more damage.