(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Guo Shuanmei from Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, is in her 60s. She is the mother of three daughters.

From 2003 to 2004, Ms. Guo was imprisoned and brutally tortured to near death in Shanxi Province Yuci Municipal Women's Prison. Not wanting to accept responsibility for the results of the torture, prison officials transferred Ms. Guo to the prison hospital, where they continued to torture her.

The hospital officials falsely claimed that Ms. Guo had lung cancer. Later they acknowledged that she did not have lung cancer, just a few dark shadows on her X-rays. Thus, she taken back to the prison.

Although Ms. Guo was severely tortured, she never showed any symptoms of lung problems. Rather, the prison hospital colluded with the prison, changing her diagnosis from "lung cancer" to "lung shadows" to suit their needs.

Ms. Guo eventually managed to escape from the prison but was soon caught and taken back. Shortly after, prison officials claimed that she bit off her tongue, suggesting that her injury was self-inflicted. However, it seems the injury was directly related to the extreme, utterly inhuman torture she was subjected to at the hands of the prison guards.

Shanxi Province Women's Prison (located at Maoerling, Yuci City, Shanxi Province, publicly known as Shanxi Province Chemical Plant).

Telephone numbers of guards and prison officials involved in the persecution:

Lei Runxiang (female, the most vicious guard), political instructor of the 8th Ward: 86-354-3299768 (Home), 86-354-3299975 (Office)
Gu (gender unknown), chief of the 8th Ward: 86-354-3299870
Xu Shutang (male), prison policy chief: 86-354-3299948 (Home), 86-354-3299940 (Office). Xu encourages the forceful "transformation" of practitioners, using threats and inducements. He also beats female practitioners mercilessly.
Li Tianjun (male), warden: 86-754-3299801 (Office), 86-354-3299888 (Home), 86-13903543708 (Cell). Li awards and promotes guards for "reforming" practitioners, hence, the guards resort to any and all means available to "reform" as many practitioners as possible.