Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

It is my great honor today to present, at this grand and solemn Fa conference and on behalf of all fellow practitioners from the Nine Commentaries Distribution Station in Flushing, a report to our benevolent Master about our Fa-rectification cultivation experiences during our transmission of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party to save sentient beings. It is also our wish to share with fellow practitioners the things that have worked for us and things that need to be improved in the future.

Three eventful years have passed by since the Nine Commentaries Distribution Station in Flushing was first set up in 2005. Thanks to Master's mercy and care, and to fellow practitioners' cooperation and perseverance, our Nine Commentaries Station has become a distinctly unique part of the landscape in Flushing and New York City. During this process, a lot of practitioners have participated. Although some of them later left the Nine Commentaries Station to work on other projects, our station has stood its ground, always on the front line in the battle between good and evil. It transmits Dafa, eliminates the evil, and saves sentient beings.

In the past several years, the practitioners who have persevered at this station are mostly senior citizens, with an average age of 65 and above. Each of us coordinates with each other, overcomes difficulties of all types, and eliminates the interference. With our calmness and unpretentiousness, we have brought the truth to the public and ascended in our cultivation realms while saving sentient beings.

Next I shall summarize our experience and shortcomings in the following five sections.

1. Save Sentient Beings in the Battle between Good and Evil

Upon the publication of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party at the end of 2004, we felt an obligation to step forward and take the initiative to save sentient beings through the wide spread of the Nine Commentaries. Later on, we realized that we should establish a permanent site for such an effort. Therefore we brought in tables to set up TV sets and information folders. We took turns distributing materials to passers-by, telling them about the crimes of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and asking them to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. After a while, we also put up a display board that revealed the facts, which considerably improved our efforts.

A married couple who are practitioners made their van available to us. In the past few years, they have overcome all kinds of obstacles, persistently delivering materials, display boards, TV sets, etc., to the Nine Commentaries station on a daily basis. At the end of the day, they had to come and move everything back home. Amidst this process there was hardship, conflicts, tests to pass, as well as financial interference. The couple, however, has triumphed over all these difficulties, solely by virtue of their righteous belief in Dafa and their aspirations for saving sentient beings. They said, "All we know is we should eliminate the evil Party, and we should save human beings! We are Master's disciples, and no obstacle or interference can stop us!"

It was Master's instruction that we should save sentient beings, but the evil has created all kinds of interference. This interference sometimes manifest in this dimension directly. During the winter, in less than a 100-meter-radius of our Nine Commentaries station, it was extremely windy. So wicked was it that it sometimes lifted the display boards, which were secured by sandbags, and carried them to the other side of the street. The wind was also penetrating; our heavy down coats were not its equal. However, if you left that small area, everything changed. The wind would lessen or even completely vanish when you went to the steps of the nearby public library. During the summer, it was hot beyond compare. Our skin ached under the burning sun. Many of us had sun blisters, or our skin would peel. We all agreed that there were two spots in New York where the evil has been ruthless in its interference: One is the Chinese Consulate, and the other is our Nine Commentaries station. The evil was going out of its way to prevent sentient beings from being saved. Regardless of their age, every practitioner here at the station has endured a certain degree of physical discomfort. To them, side and leg pains are everyday phenomena. No one, however, shrank in the face of this hardship; each of us took it as joy. We sent forth righteous thoughts while distributing materials. A large quantity of evil has been eliminated in the process.

Something funny happened last summer at the Nine Commentaries station. We saw people approaching us with smiles on their faces. But then the evil forced them to put on a long face when they got into our Nine Commentaries station. They turned their faces to the right when there were practitioners distributing materials on the left, and their faces to the left when practitioners were distributing materials on the right. If there were practitioners distributing materials on both sides, they chose to pass through with their eyes set straight ahead. We thus intensified our righteous thoughts and greeted them warmly in the meantime. Very soon we turned the situation around. Now when local residents pass by the station, they will nod to us with smiles, telling us they have already received the materials. There were some who made a point of stopping by to express their gratitude to the Epoch Times and Falun Dafa.

2. Age and Education Level Are No Obstacles to Truth Clarification

In the past, some practitioners at the Nine Commentaries site had some mental obstacles in clarifying the truth face-to-face. They thought that because of their advanced age, it was difficult for them to communicate with younger generations, or some thought they did not have enough education to be able to speak well. Later on, through Fa study and looking inwards, they have gradually realized that all of these are false notions, for the following reasons: first, these were old-force arrangements; and secondly, these thoughts were reflections of our lack of understanding of the Fa and of falling behind in Master's Fa-rectification progress. During the group sharing, we said to ourselves that if we wanted to tell others how to eat rice, it would not an issue at all for us to be able to speak well. Then why does it become an issue when we try to clarify the truth? The main problem is that we did not know the truth well enough. After realizing this, we started reading the Nine Commentaries and Dissolving the Party Culture over again, and at the same time intensifying our Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts. Now this is no longer an issue. The effect of our truth clarification is getting better and better. Next I will give a couple of examples:

Last summer, two Chinese students who were going to college in New York were taking a break on the steps of the public library. One elderly practitioner went over to talk to them. Initially, they were quite critical and resistant, saying that Falun Gong was getting into politics and was also superstition. They even questioned the accuracy of the numbers of people who have resigned from the organizations of the Communist Party. This practitioner told them that both Newton and Einstein, the two greatest scientists in human history, believed in God, and they attributed all their accomplishments to God's mercy. She recounted her own experiences with Dafa, especially the benefits to her mind and body. She also told them the head of the evil party was obsessed with personal grudges when he started the brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners; what is unfolding before our eyes shows that the heavens are eliminating the Chinese Communist Party, and to secure one's safety one must withdraw from the CCP. She then went on to clarify the relationship between withdrawing from the Party and erasing the mark of the beast.

The compassion and the rationality in the words of that practitioner moved the two young people. Their expression changed from utter contempt to seriousness, then to complete respect. Before they knew it, the three of them had already chatted for nearly one hour. In the end, the two young people decided to withdraw from the Party organizations on the spot. Solemnly, they signed their names, their gratitude overflowing in abundant words. Unable to hide their emotion, the two students shook hands with every practitioner present. When it came to that elderly practitioner, they couldn't let go of her hands for a long time, while repeating, "Thank you Granny." They picked up various informational materials when they left and said they would read them carefully and spend more time on researching Falun Gong in the future. They also promised that they would tell their friends "Falun Dafa is good. The Communist Party is evil," and help them withdraw from the CCP. The profound change in the two college students filled the heart of every practitioner present with joy. Each of us was genuinely grateful for Master's mighty compassion and salvation.

Another episode just occurred recently. An 80-year-old practitioner was a little over-weight and moved slowly. However, she was persistent in coming to the Nine Commentaries Station and distributing materials every day. She told us she would send forth righteous thoughts every time she left home for the station, telling herself, "Otherwise, I will not be able to make it." She didn't speak very well, and she was pretty quiet. A recent incident has changed what we thought of her. This is what occurred.

As it happens, those special agents with assignments to monitor practitioners who clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts at the Chinese Consulate sometimes also visit our Nine Commentaries station. A while ago, they came again. This practitioner had a thought: these special agents should have their opportunity, too. So, she went over and handed a copy of "Special Issue of the Nine Commentaries" to one of them. That person didn't accept it. Rather, he said those practitioners were all hired by someone; they were not patriotic because they didn't support the Beijing Olympics; and they were all stupid because they practiced Falun Gong. With openness and seriousness, that practitioner told him, "It is the CCP that has been lying and making fabrications. We are not against the Beijing Olympics; we do not see the CCP as our enemy, either, because we don't want to stoop to their level. Yes, we practice 'Truth, Benevolence, and Tolerance'; if you think we are all stupid, then it would be our wish to be stupid in this manner. For so many years, only Falun Gong has really revealed the evil nature of the Communist Party. You must know the CCP has done many bad deeds, right?" That person was made speechless. He said, "Well, I'll take a look and see how reactionary the Nine Commentaries can be. It is funny if you think Falun Gong can defeat the CCP though." That practitioner replied, "Whatever your thoughts, it is good that you want to read it. Just keep in mind that the CCP will die not because of Falun Gong, but because of its persecution against Falun Gong. I would suggest you seriously consider withdrawing from it." That person answered awkwardly, "No, No, I am not a CCP member. This grandma is so sharp." Another agent close by listened, his facial expression betraying his nervousness. He was quick to signal the agent talking to the practitioner to leave immediately. The practitioner said afterwards, "If not for the wisdom and strength Master gave me, I would never be able to speak with such power."

3. When We Do Not Follow Everyday People's Attachments in Truth Clarification, the Wisdom Dafa Bestows upon Us Is Boundless

Master has admonished us about following everyday people's attachments in our truth-clarification efforts. Having worked on truth clarification for several years, this has struck a chord with us. Our experience suggests that we should make an effort to close the gap between us and our audience and to try to speak to them from a perspective they can understand.

Once, a Buddhist convert read the display board and said, "I don't believe the claim of organ harvesting from living people. Communists may be bad, but they can't be that bad." One practitioner answered, "That is because you are very kind, and so you can't believe it." There had been a touch of hostility in that Buddhist convert's words before the practitioner spoke. Now, she immediately conveyed a sense of satisfaction, proudly proclaiming herself to be someone practicing Buddhism. The practitioner took this opportunity to make a further comment, "Isn't it true that all people believing in Buddha are kind-hearted? It happened to me also; I couldn't believe it in the beginning. Unfortunately, a lot of strong evidence has shown that this tragedy is really going on. The communists are truly evil, evil beyond our imagination." That Buddhist convert paused, and said, "Yes, I agree. They are so evil." Then, she left, without forgetting to pick up some materials. One afternoon last summer, a seemingly knowledgeable gentleman visited us. He said, "It is true that the CCP is no good, yet you should not engage in politics." A practitioner explained to him that politics in and of itself is not a scary concept; it was just that the CCP had manipulated the concept in its persecution of the Chinese people. In ancient times, politics contained entirely different meanings. "How?" he inquired with much interest. The practitioner said, "Look, at the two Chinese characters that together make up the word politics. The first one combines two other Chinese characters. If you read it from left to right, it means correct culture or thinking. Now, the second character in the word politics means rule or governance. So in Chinese, politics means using correct culture or thinking to rule a country" nowhere does it contain anything that is violent in nature." The man nodded a couple of times. "It really makes a lot of sense," he said. But then he raised another question, "Well, I still don't think it is right for the West to criticize China's human rights record. See, China is such a big country; nobody will find it an easy job to rule it. It is truly something remarkable to be able to feed such a huge population." The practitioner could hardly contain his amusement upon hearing this. "Yes, that is a common manipulative tactic the CCP has been using all along. It always argues that 'the right to existence is the biggest human right.' It in essence is nothing but deliberately confusing two very different concepts. As we know, 'human rights' is a concept in sociology, not physiology. Human beings are born with the right to be fed and clothed" in other words, it is a heavenly mandate. Whether it be an emperor or a government, it is their basic responsibility to feed and clothe their people; failing that, the emperor customarily had to issue a public announcement to make himself accountable. How can a government take extra credit for providing the basic necessities to its people? In fact, 'human rights' refer to the right of a person to have freedom of belief, freedom of assembly, the right to protest injustice, the right to organize, etc. It has nothing to do with the so-called right to existence." The gentleman was all smiles now. "It makes so much sense now. I have really learned a lot today. I actually have withdrawn from the Party. It was just that I still had a couple of questions. This was why I stopped by to have a chat with you folks. I learned something today. It was really worth it." Saying this, he left satisfied.

Besides Chinese people, the Flushing area is populated mainly by Koreans, Mexicans, Indians, and Arabs. Because of this, you can find any kind of belief being practiced here. In the past, people of other ethnic groups, especially Indians, would usually refuse to accept our materials, and they turned a blind eye to our display boards. The situation, however, has swiftly changed since Master published an article on February 28, 2007, titled "Disintegrate Completely All the Meddling Deities in the Three Realms that Have a Hand in Interfering with Fa-Rectification," This has been especially so for Indians and Arabs. It used to be that those people would turn their backs on us when we greeted them. They have shown some great changes since around last August or September. We now tell them this is about a persecution going on in China when we pass the materials to them. Many people accepted the materials, and some even came back to pick them up when they somehow missed them the first time.

4. To Put the Magnificence of Dafa on Full Display; To Assist Those with Predestined Relationships to Attain the Fa

Other than distributing the Nine Commentaries and encouraging people to withdraw from the Communist Party organizations, our station also plays the role of spreading Dafa. Some people with predestined relationships have since started the cultivation of Dafa after finding out the truth about Falun Gong at our station.

Last summer was one of the peak periods in our Nine Commentaries Station's endeavor to tell the facts and to help people withdraw from the CCP. A lot of practitioners came to the station to help out over the weekends. Some were Western practitioners; and some traveled from as far as Long Island. We split ourselves into two groups: one stayed at the public library; the other group went across the street. We put up the display boards, distributing the materials and clarifying the truth at the same time.

One day a western girl passed by. She was curious about what we were doing. When she learned about Falun Dafa, she embraced the practitioner who was talking to her, and said with tears that this was exactly what she had been looking for. She started distributing materials right away, and asked a practitioner to teach her the exercises on the spot. During our conversations we learned that she was going to college in Las Vegas and encountered us by accident while taking a tour of New York. She was ecstatic, saying she had been undecided whether there was a need to visit Flushing; now everything seemed to have been arranged.

Here is another story. A man and his daughter and son came to read the materials at the station. When he finished reading, he said he was ready to withdraw from the CCP using his real name. Unfortunately, after he signed his name, he suddenly realized that his son, who had been behind him, was gone. No practitioner present had paid attention to his son either, and so he was very worried. The practitioners immediately realized this was evil's interference. They comforted the man while sending forth righteous thoughts. They told him, "You should say 'Falun Dafa is good' in your mind; everything will be fine." Meanwhile, other practitioners helped him to file a report with the police. Half an hour later, we received a call from the police telling us his son had been found on North Avenue. After a short while, the man came back, with his son in hand, murmuring "Thank you, thank you" to us all the time. It was only at that point that we found out his son suffered from autism. We suggested to him that he should play Dafa music for his son, and he left grateful. He came back again in two weeks. This time he made the trip to withdraw from the communist Youth League on his wife's behalf. He said that what happened last time really touched his wife. She had planned to come in person to withdraw from the party organization, but because she had to work extended hours, she had requested her husband to do it for her.

The above are only some of the positive experiences we have gained from the transmission of the Nine Commentaries and from saving sentient beings. Each of us has felt the profound power of Dafa from these experiences. We have reached a consensus in our understanding on this score. That is, whenever our xinxing attains the right level, and whenever our aspirations for saving sentient beings are foremost, Master will give us the wisdom to do it well. Many times we couldn't help but feel how unbelievable it was in retrospect" How did I say it that way? How come it was just so perfect? How come what I said exceeded the scope of my knowledge? Put simply, whenever we cultivate diligently and do the three things wholeheartedly, Dafa will manifest itself for us to see, and everyday people will see in us the compassion and grandness of Dafa. Without Master and Dafa, we can achieve nothing.

Of course, we still have obvious inadequacies. Although on the surface there is interference from various objective elements, in substance it is because we have not reached the standard set by Master as a body; it is because we have not completely kept up with the pace of Fa-rectification, and it is because sometimes we are still unable to clarify the truth with our whole heart, and so are affected by superficial forms or results. For example, when the promotion of performance tickets started during the Christmas season, some practitioners left the Nine Commentaries station to help out with that effort. This resulted in the Nine Commentaries station being short-handed, and for certain periods of time the effectiveness of our effort to help people withdraw from the CCP was also negatively affected. We were worried and confused. Some even had the thought of giving up. However, when we thought of our mission, we decided we would persist despite these difficulties. Through studying the Fa we realized that although there was evil interference in other dimensions, the root cause for the situation remained our poor comprehension from our Fa study" in other words, we had not progressed to the level that we should have attained. Thus we offered each other encouragement, intensified our Fa study and the sending forth of righteous thoughts, and looked inward for problems. We came to understand that persistence itself eliminates evil" indeed, the fact that each of us has persisted through all these years in spite of various difficulties by itself is a remarkable manifestation of Dafa disciples validating the Fa. It is true that sometimes we didn't provide the best answers to help people who had questions, but it only shows that we didn't have a very clear understanding of certain aspects of the Dafa principles. On the other hand, verbal assaults and abuse by the evil against us have also been tests for our xinxing. We firmly believe that as long as we cultivate well, the Nine Commentaries Station is bound to have a tremendous effect, and there should be no difficulty that we are unable to overcome. In the face of rapid changes in the Fa-rectification process, and in the face of the grim reality that a lot of sentient beings are still not saved, there is no reason that can justify our not doing well. May all of us cultivate more diligently so that we can be worthy of the mighty mercy bestowed on us by Master.

Let me conclude by presenting a poem that we wrote that we wanted to dedicate to this Fa conference. It is our wish that the poem reflects our gratitude to Master, and encourages us to be more diligent along with fellow practitioners:

More than ten springs have passed by, all witnesses of Master's compassion and hardship in saving sentient beings, They created Buddhas and other gods for the new universe, Dafa disciples, let's redouble our efforts in cultivation, And make full use of every second in saving sentient beings far and wide.

Thank you Master! Thank you fellow practitioners!