(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong in 1996, and had been improving very fast under the compassionate guidance of our Teacher. Throughout my life I had searched high and low, but only after obtaining the Fa did I find answers to a multitude of questions that I could not answer or that previously confused me. During my practice I really started to understand how to better conduct myself in all aspects and learned how to cherish life. My daughter and my husband later came to practice Falun Gong after seeing the great changes, both physical and mental, in me. We were all delighted that the whole family had begun to practice Falun Gong.

With firm belief in Teacher and the Fa, we have always set high standards for ourselves and never skipped any of the five sets of exercises. Since July 20, 1999, under the horror of the persecution, Falun Gong practitioners continued to perform the exercises and never stopped. From the bottom of our hearts we all knew that Falun Gong was good, that Teacher was great and benevolent, so we remained steadfast and made it through this difficult period. No matter what other people said, no matter how great the pressure, and no matter how hard my relatives tried to persuade us to stop practicing, nothing could shake our resolve in cultivating in Falun Gong, and we safely passed all the tribulations throughout all those years. Even when my father was in tears, fearing he might lose his daughter after he had been deceived the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) lies on television programs, it did not move our hearts at all. We knew it was Teacher who helped us to dissolve the tribulations one after another. We had experienced a lot of miraculous things.

Whenever I felt bitter I recited Teacher's articles, including the latest ones, Hong Yin, and the article "True Nature Revealed" (from Essentials for Further Advancement II). I studied the Fa a lot and with a calm mind, then later began reciting the Fa, and I started to understand a lot of things, and became accustomed to looking inward. The more I looked inward, the more Fa principles I understood and the more steadfast I became. I felt very relaxed and gradually learned how to cultivate myself. Whenever I found a fundamental attachment I tried to let it go, so as to improve myself. Sometimes when these attachments reappeared, I did not hesitate to look inward again until I found the factors that caused the recurrence. Believing in Teacher and the Fa was the key to breaking through the barriers one after another. When you steadfastly base yourself on the Fa and set the main principles as your standards, no tribulation can affect you, and you can pass it very easily.

During the Fa-rectification period we all tried our best to do well the three things that Teacher asked us to do. We used our supernatural capabilities and wisdom that Teacher gave us and did whatever we could to validate the Fa and save more sentient beings. Sometimes we worked together and sometimes alone, and we helped each other where we could. If we clarified the truth together, one person would send forth righteous thoughts, while the other talked. As I was responsible for some coordination work, if I had no time to do it my husband and daughter helped me. We used various methods to save sentient beings, including handing out or posting truth-clarification materials, talking to friends and relatives, or people on the street. We carried the truth clarification materials and self-adhesive posters with us at all times, and we used different methods of clarifying the truth depending on the situation. Besides validating the Fa and saving sentient beings we sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings and factors in other dimensions, to help predestined people listen to the truth and be saved. We found this was very helpful in clarifying the truth.

When I began persuading people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations I sometimes became extremely frustrated. The Chinese people were severely poisoned by the CCP and many didn't want to listen to me. Instead they even tried to persuade me, which I found funny, and yet frustrating. Some people already knew the CCP was very corrupt and swore at the CCP, but whenever I raised the issue of withdrawing from the CCP they would refuse. Some people agreed to quit on the

on the spot, but would later return saying they changed their minds and would rather follow the majority than be different. I was reluctant to adhere to their requests and became a bit anxious, but I could not find any words to deal with this situation. At the time I had attachments to competitiveness and showing off, and it seemed like I also had the mentality of jealousy. When I found that other practitioners had helped more people to quit the CCP than myself, I felt ashamed and became even more anxious. As a result it had the opposite effect of what I wanted. This mentality affected me, and for a long period of time I failed to help anyone to withdraw from the CCP, even my relatives. Only by studying Teacher's new articles and reading the sharings on the Minghui/Clearwisdom website, did I start to calm down and enlighten to the fact that if I wanted to save people I must study the Fa a lot, read the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party and "Disintegrate the Party Culture." Gradually I realized my attachments and no longer felt anxious. To persuade people to withdraw from the CCP I reasoned with them calmly and cited examples wherever appropriate. Whenever they spoke of the CCP's ideology I was able to remain calm and explain the reasons why they should withdraw from the party, and why heaven wants to eliminate the CCP. Only when I was able to calmly explain these reasons could it achieve the desired result.

One day, at a vegetable market, I met one of my old classmates, whom I hadn't seen for over 20 years. I clarified the truth to him and tried to help him quit the CCP. Instantly his attitude towards me changed, however I remain unmoved and told him that it was a heavenly principle that doing good deeds was met with good rewards, and being evil was met with evil returns. I also told him how evil the CCP was and how 80 million people had died from unnatural causes in their hands. Suddenly he burst out laughing and kindly smiled at me. It was unbelievable how quickly his character changed. He said, "I quit! I quit!" He also said he would help other members of his family to quit. I knew it was Teacher who was saving him and helping me to improve myself. I used every opportunity to spread the Nine Commentaries and persuade people to quit the CCP, and I tried not to miss anyone with a predestined relationship. My daughter was also very diligent in this regard, with my husband catching up and improving as well.

While I was trying to help former practitioners come back to Falun Gong, I found a lot of my attachments revealing themselves, such as fearing hardships, not being understood, or the frustration of being delayed in other areas of my work. But actually, nothing was held up. On my way to these former practitioner's homes I was able to give out fliers, clarify the truth and help people to quit the CCP, and I improved myself in the process. Teacher was at my side and protecting me all along.

One former practitioner who came back to the practice was a woman who, after practicing for only three months, suffered a lot of interference, as her mind was unstable. When she moved to the countryside, she did well at the beginning. She studied the Fa, practiced the exercises and read "Minghui Weekly." As the time went on, and the Chinese New Year approached, she became very busy and began slacking off, studying the Fa and practicing the exercises less and less. Eventually she started watching television with her family and the thought of quiting the practice appeared in her mind. I was really worried for her upon learning this news. A different practitioner I know had practiced Falun Gong on and off for three years, and eventually stopped practicing after moving to another place. It was a very bitter story to hear and I didn't want it to happen again. So every week I went to the countryside to deliver Falun Gong materials in person. I shared my understandings with her and helped her to look at the things from the perspective of the Fa. I also encouraged her not to let this precious opportunity be missed. I told her, "Teacher has not abandoned you, and continually gives you hints. From the surface I am helping you, but in reality it is Teacher who is saving you." She was very moved to hear this and was in tears. In March 2006, an older practitioner, about 70 years old rode a bicycle with me, over 30 kilometers (19 miles) round trip, to see her and study the Fa with her every Thursday, and my daughter also came with us whenever she had time. The practitioner was extremely moved because we traveled so far, regardless of the wind and rain. She began to become more diligent and set very high standards for herself. This practitioner is now doing the three things very well. All of this was arranged by Teacher and all we need to do is supply our hearts.

In some cases I have not done so well. For instance, I went to see a former practitioner and we talked a lot about the Fa. She knew that Teacher was good and Dafa was good, and she read all the materials I gave her. She also quit the CCP. However, only two month after I last delivered materials to her, she completely changed her attitude. She did not want to take anything and gave back all the materials I had previously given her. She asked me to never come see her again, and said that her husband wanted to sue me in court, "Don't give me any trouble, and I will not bring trouble to you." What a surprise! I was not prepared for such a response and did not know what to say to her. The feeling of fear began to develop, so I no longer went to see her. But I didn't feel comfortable letting someone who had already obtained the Fa brush past me. As a matter of fact, Teacher had given her many hints, and by her own admission, she had miracles happen to her when she encountered dangerous situations. While writing this article, I have decided to go to see her again, since she is a life that is worthy of being saved and I shouldn't let her be left behind.

Our family now studies the Fa seriously, takes the Fa as our master, and we try to do the three things well and cooperate with each other to do whatever we can. Whenever someone fails to do something well we discuss it, listen to the opinions of others and look inward. As a result we have improved very quickly. We are determined not to betray Teacher's compassionate salvation and will try our best to melt ourselves into the Fa, become selfless, validate the Fa and save more sentient beings. We should feel proud to be called this most magnificent title - Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.