Ms. Yao Haixia arrested yet again and her home ransacked

On July 4 at around 4 or 5 p.m., several police officers broke into the home of Ms. Yao Haixia, a Falun Gong practitioner in Shijiazhuang, and arrested her. They ransacked her home and took away two notebooks and two computers. Officers from Jian'an Road Police Station are said to have been responsible for the arrest. Ms. Yao is being detained in the Administrative Detention Center of Shijiazhuang City, located near Nanhuochang on Huitong Road.

Ms. Yao Haixia, over 30 years old, has been harassed and persecuted several times since the persecution of Falun Gong began in 1999. Whenever there was a so-called sensitive day, officers from the local police station and staff members from the neighborhood committee would call her or go to her home to harass her. This was immensely stressful for her husband, who is not a practitioner. Ms. Yao's daughter is in middle school. She is already under a lot of stress from her academic studies. The constant harassment of her mother has added to her mental distress. In 2001, Yao Haixia was arrested and held in a detention center in Inner Mongolia. She was released after the police extorted a great deal of money from her family. She has now been arrested again, causing her family great sorrow.

It was reported that the CCP staff members planned to send Ms. Yao to a forced labor camp or a brainwashing session. Her husband is trying to ask people for help to rescue his innocent wife. It is hoped that the legal community will pay attention to this matter, and we are also asking fellow practitioners to try different methods as well as righteous thoughts to rescue her.

Qiaodong Branch Police Department, Shijiazhuang City Police Department: 86-311-89620600
Jian'an Road Police Station, Shijiazhuang City: 86-311-86087175, 86-311-86036767

Mr. Han Shuxian sent to undergo brainwashing again

Mr. Han Shuxian from Luquan was arrested on June 24. He has been detained in a brainwashing center in Hebei Province for over two weeks. No information about him is available. This is the second time that he has been held in a brainwashing center. It is hoped that someone will find a way to free him, and that those who know about his situation will report the details of his condition.

Mr. Han started practicing Falun Gong after the persecution began in 1999. He realized how wonderful Falun Dafa is and firmly decided to join the practice. Later on, he was continually harassed by CCP staff members and endured financial persecution. His personal car was taken by the police for several years. (In 2005, after his repeated requests, he finally got his car back). He was once forced to become homeless. In April 2005, he was arrested by the police from the Public Security of Shijiazhuang City while he was walking down the street. He was then detained in a brainwashing center for nearly two months.

In order to survive, over the past few years, Mr. Han Shuxian has managed a small restaurant. Before his recent arrest, CCP staff members falsely claimed that the land was needed for a construction project and had his restaurant torn down. Then the police arrested Mr. Han, who is the head of the household. His arrest has left his family in a difficult situation. His three children are still in school. His wife and children are now living in the countryside. Their current situation is hard for them to endure.

He only wanted to be a good person but was unreasonably and endlessly persecuted by the CCP. Where can he find justice?

Police Station of Shanyi Village: 86-311-82232531
Luquan City Police Station: 86-311-82102077
The Director's Office: 86- 86-311-82012166
Secretary of the Discipline Department: 86-311-82102839
The 610 Office (or the Guard's Office), Shen Lixin: 86-311-82015962, 86-311-82102288, 86-13930488915 (Cell)
Zhang Qingsheng, deputy secretary of the Luquan City Political and Legal Committee
Head of the Luquan City Stabilization Office: 86-311-8218595 (Office), 86-311-82102319 (Home), 86-13513118869 (Cell)

Ms. Hu Yanxia detained in Shijiazhuang City Detention Center

On the morning of July 8, officers from Dongli Village Police Station in Shijiazhuang City broke into Ms. Hu Yanxia's home and arrested her, taking away a lot of materials. The police said they would come to search her home again if they did not do a thorough enough search. On July 9, Ms. Hu was transferred to Shijiazhuang City Detention Center.

Since 1999 when the CCP began persecuting Falun Gong, Hu Yanxia's home has been ransacked several times. She was detained several times. Even her over-70-year-old mother was not able to avoid such harassment. Her mother was not healthy and could not endure the stress of the police breaking into their home so many times. She passed away at the end of 2007. Ms. Hu's mother-in-law, who is also over 70, is sick and has been bedridden for a long time. Ms. Hu prepared meals for her mother-in-law three times a day, which her mother-in-law really appreciated. This time when Hu Yanxia was arrested, her relatives in both her mother's home and her mother-in-law's home were all shocked and horrified. It is hoped that righteous people will pay attention to this matter and that fellow practitioners will use different strategies and righteous thoughts to rescue her.

Related people and contact information:

Public Security Bureau in the Qiaoxi District: 86-311-85188888
Bureau Chief Zhang Jinchi
Political Commissioner Yang Zihua
Chief of the State Protection Team Zhang Chaoying
Dongli Police Station: 86-0311-83024335
Chief Xu Zhenxuan
Deputy Chief Zhang Xianke

July 11, 2008