(Clearwisdom.net) On July 12, 2008, the Swedish Quit the CCP Center held a gathering at the very busy Mynttorget Square in Stockholm, next to the palace, in support of the 40 million withdrawals by Chinese people from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. Falun Gong practitioners attended the activity to expose the brutal persecution of Falun Gong that has taken place for over nine years. They condemned the CCP's backstage manipulators in Flushing, New York, for orchestrating the attacks on Falun Gong practitioners, and at the same time called on the government and international community to help stop the CCP from intensifying the persecution just before the Olympics.

A tourist from France takes photos of the information boards

Swedish people read the boards

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Swedish people read the boards

Signing names against the persecution of Falun Gong by the CCP

Ms. Laurence had come to Sweden as a tourist from France. She was very startled by the information she happened upon this day. She said, "What you are doing (the quitting the CCP and exposing of the persecution) is just great!" She stood in front of the truth clarification board and quietly looked at it for a very long time and even took many photos. She has been to China three times. She really loves China and its people there, and she also has some Tibetan friends, and knows a lot about the situation of China's human rights violations. She is very familiar with the oppression Chinese people suffer under the rule of the CCP. She herself has even taken video footage of police vans and policemen arresting innocent people. However, when she learned about the violent act of the CCP harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, she was very shocked and upset. She said, "If one hasn't gone to China it is very difficult to imagine what is happening in there. But I know that the people in China do not know about these things either because the media is blocked, they absolutely would not report it."

She hopes the Chinese people there can shake off the CCP quickly, so she took the initiative to help everyone with handing out Quit the CCP flyers and telling the people on the street about the human rights disaster in China.

When she saw Chinese people, she would lead them to the Chinese Quit the CCP volunteers, hoping to enable them to come to know more about the news from outside China, and to quickly quit the evil CCP. In this way, she supported the other volunteers until the activity concluded.

A young man from Romania passed by the display again today, and said to the volunteers: "The CCP is just really bad. Those of us from former communist countries all know that the Communist party specializes in harming people. He pointed to scars on his face and arm and said this was what the Communist party did. He said that Romania is now very good since the Romanian people cast off the Communist Party, and he believes that China will be much better once there is no CCP.

A middle aged man from Japan very happily gave a thumbs up and gave praise after seeing the Quit the CCP activities and said: "Great! Great! You will certainly succeed!" There was also a mother from Taiwan, who had come as a tourist to Sweden with a friend and her daughter, and when she saw the Quit the CCP rally, she was very excited and said: "I have always opposed the Communist Party. I know all about the Communist Party's persecution of Falun Gong. I support you!" They signed their names in the petition book.

There was a young woman from Shanghai who has lived in Sweden for more than two years. Along with with her husband, she came to the Sweden Quit the CCP Center. She not only obtained many Chinese materials, but also happily quit the Communist Youth League and all its affiliated organizations.

The activity concluded at four o'clock in the afternoon, but at this time many more people on the street had stopped at the display. They asked many questions, and the volunteers patiently answered them. When they heard that recently the CCP has been massively arresting Falun Gong practitioners, many said that a such a ruthless government should not have the right to hold the 2008 Olympics, and many said that the Swedish government and the international community should help stop the CCP from intensifying the persecution before the Olympics.