(Clearwisdom.net) When Master began spreading the Fa, he always reminded us to look inside ourselves and upgrade our own xinxing. As the conclusion of Fa-rectification period draws near, how many of us are regretful of our actions? As practitioners, we know that Master is here to save us, and we need to listen to Master's instructions. However, if our actions aren't in line with the Fa, how could that be right?

A short while ago, I heard a story on Minghui Radio called, "Acquiring the Habit of Constantly Looking Inside Oneself." It affected me deeply and I felt that the story's author had a good understanding of this issue.

I had the thought that no matter what kind of habit you have, since you learned it, it will not be easy to get rid of. No matter the circumstance, you would always subconsciously solve problems according to your habit. There is a saying that, "It is easy to move a mountain, but breaking your habit would be hard."

I then thought, "If we as Dafa practitioners could develop the habit of constantly looking inside ourselves on the path of cultivation, then cultivation would not be as hard, the evil would find it hard to control us, and upgrading our levels would become a quicker process."

Master has spoken of this recently:

"That is, when you fail to cultivate yourself and look within." ("Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference")

Seeing this, I shouted from the bottom of my heart, "Fellow practitioners, whenever you meet up with evil, please look inside yourselves. Always remember that you are a cultivator! When in pain, trouble, or being interfered with, we need to look inside ourselves and consider the Fa, using every chance to upgrade ourselves! Time is running out; we must stop making excuses. Master has already waited patiently and given us the best way!"