(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, while together with a fellow practitioner, we sent forth righteous thoughts at noon. As we were sitting next to each other, I happened to notice that my fellow practitioner was dozing off. I could tell she was trying to keep clear-minded, but it became harder and harder for her. Eventually I even heard her snoring and I couldn't feel any energy from her.

Just then, I heard sentient beings sighing, in a larger and larger voice, from other dimensions. Even though the fellow practitioner was asleep, she began to sigh as well. We are supposed to hold our right hand erect. But all her fingers gradually curled down. In other dimensions, I saw evil spirits frantically attacking her hand. They looked so rampant. At last, her right hand fell onto her leg. All those rotten ghosts and the Communist Party evil spirits hailed their success. Then they started to bully the sentient beings in her world.

While I was trying to send forth righteous thoughts to help her, all the sentient beings in her world began to cry out, which made my heart ache. They forwarded their cries to my ear and their sadness to my heart. I could feel their sorrow, there are no words to describe my feelings.

My heart hurt so much when I saw all the countless sentient beings crying. With tears in my eyes, I tried to tell the fellow practitioner what happened. Even then, I could still hear the crying and them asking her for help. I came to realize that our righteous thoughts are more and more powerful and we have more and more mighty virtue since we have come this far. Therefore, sentient beings now have higher and higher expectations and hopes in us. There is less evil in other dimensions. If we could remain clear-minded when sending forth righteous thoughts, we would be able to easily drive away and eliminate the evil. But if we doze off or become distracted, we are actually providing a habitat for the evil and inviting it in. How could the evil not take advantage of us and our sentient beings?

We are using our supernormal power when sending forth righteous thoughts. Teacher gave us this ability, so it is extremely powerful. It has everything in it. But we need to be enlightened. We must not treat it casually simply because we cannot see it or feel it. In other dimensions, these things are real and solid. Whether our righteous thoughts are strong or not is dependent on whether our main consciousness is clear or not. At the current stage, evil will take advantage of anything it possibly can. But we have the ability to eliminate the evil as long as we strengthen our righteous thoughts.

Teacher said,

"A lot of people seem to think animals are just incredibly fierce and that they can control people easily. Actually, I'd say they aren't fierce--they're nothing before a true cultivator. Big deal if they've cultivated almost 1,000 years, a pinky is more than enough to crush them." (Zhuan Falun, The Third Talk)

Let's do the three things well- send forth righteous thoughts, study the Fa, and clarify the truth. Let's solidly cultivate ourselves until we reach consummation. Only in this way can we not let Teacher down, not let sentient beings down, and not let our true selves down.

The above is my limited personal understandings at my current state. Please correct me based on the Fa if I have said anything inappropriate. I cannot even describe one tenth of what I heard and saw. Fellow practitioners, please, please pay attention to sending forth righteous thoughts and the quality of our sending forth righteous thoughts.