(Clearwisdom.net) Police in Liaoning Province arrested many Falun Gong practitioners on June 28 and 29, 2008, and the arrest of thirty practitioners in Xinbin County alone has been confirmed.

The order to arrest practitioners in Xinbin County came from officials from the Liaoning Province Department of Public Security, the Fushun Police Department riot police, and the Criminal Police Team of the Xinbin County Police Department. These officers also ransacked the practitioners' homes. Some of the practitioners were seized at work, others from their homes. The police beat practitioners even as they clarified the truth to the officers. The communist regime's TV reporters were present during the process.

Prior to the arrests, the police had tapped the practitioners' phones and followed them. On the evenings of June 28 and 29, police from the townships and towns gathered in the Fushun County Police Department. They made the arrest of Xinbin practitioners at around 11:00 p.m., midnight, and 5:00 a.m.

The identity of all those arrested needs confirmation, but it is known that Zhang Guixia, Sheng Baoren and his wife from Xinbin Town, and Zhai Peng and Tu Lijuan from Nanzamu Town are on the list.

It has been verified that more than twenty practitioners, including those from the towns as well as from the countryside, were taken to the Xinbin County Detention Center. There is also information that some practitioners have already been taken away to unknown places.

Xinbin County Detention Center:
Wang Zhenqiang, head: 86-413-5026405 (office), 86-413-5082300 (home), 86-13704137617 (cell)
Sui Haibo, deputy head: 86-413-5022540 (home), 86-13604132675 (cell)

Xinbin County 610 Office:
Zhao Zhenduo: 86-413-5260966 (home), 86-13804235886 (cell)
Zhao Lianke: 86-413-5025586 (home)

Criminal Investigation Division, Xinbin County Police Department in Fushun City:
Wang Zhongfa, chief: 86-413-5080221 (office), 86-413-5024951 (home), 86-13604132951 (cell)
Liu Guoan, political head: 86-413-5080222 (office), 86-413-5081182 (home), 86-13504233818 (cell)
Wang Jingbo, deputy chief: 86-413-5080213 (office), 86-413-5086186 (home), 86-13504233956 (cell)

July 1, 2008