(Clearwisdom.net) It has been reported that police from Dingxing County, Baoding City in Hebei Province arrested about 18 Falun Dafa practitioners on June 26, 2008. Led by their public security unit officer, the officers also arrested two more practitioners the following day, with the actual number of practitioners that were arrested yet to be confirmed.

The information received indicates that police used a name list in conducting the large-scale arrests. For a long time, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has arranged for every practitioner in Dingxing County to be monitored by three people, and said they would not allow practitioners any freedom until after the Olympics. According to the message, they also said many practitioners would be sent to forced labor camps.

On June 26, officers from the Dingxing County Police Department and Luxi Police Station went to Nanguan Village to arrest several practitioners, including Xiao Guozhen, Xu Jinzhu, and Xu Jinduo, and detained them in a detention center shortly thereafter. On the same morning, officers from Dongluopu Town, Dingxing County, and some officials from the township, who were led by Shi Tingmin, director of the police station, broke into a practitioner Li Fuzhi's home and arrested them and ransacked the home.

The following is an account of how the police arrested Ms. Zhang Yafen, a practitioner from Zhang Village, Beitian County.

At around 7:30 a.m. on June 26, a police car drove to practitioner Mr. Han Lianquan's home and police officers from the Dingxing County Police Station broke into the home. Mr. Han's wife, Ms. Zhang Yafen, who is also a practitioner, was not at home. Mr. Han refused to cooperate with the police so the police beat him, kicked him and also threw a stool at Mr. Han's head. As a result of their brutality, Mr. Han's nose was bruised, and his teeth and gums bled. The police also broke down and damaged his front door.

The police dragged Mr. Han into his yard and Mr. Han shouted, "Help! These bandits are arresting good people!" Many of his neighbors heard his cries and came out, including Mr. Han's older brother and sister-in-law. They saw that Mr. Han's eyes were covered with a vest, his mouth was bleeding, and the police were dragging him out. Mr. Han's brother and sister-in-law immediately reprimanded the police.

The officers saw that they could not take Mr. Han away so they called for more officers from Beitian Town, with Wang Yong as their leader. Wang Yong has participated in the arrests of practitioners several times in the past. There were soon more than a dozen police officers at Mr. Han's residence.

The police searched Mr. Han's home and took a bag which contained Falun Dafa books, a picture of Teacher Li, two identification cards, two cell phones and 1400 yuan. The police tore down the banner that read "Falun Dafa Is Good," from his wall. When they saw that more and more villagers were arriving, they tried to cover up their criminal deeds, saying it was just routine business. Eventually, they handcuffed Mr. Han and took him to the police car.

Since Ms. Zhang Yafen was not at home, the police said they would look for her and might come back. Some officers, including Yang Jianshe, went to Ms. Zhang's oldest daughter's home but she did not let them enter.

At around 11:00 a.m., Ms. Zhang was riding with a friend on a motorbike to Dingxing, and she was spotted by police officers, including Wang Yong, from Beitian Township. The police stopped and detained her.

Currently Mr. Han Lianquan and Ms. Zhang Yafen are being detained in the Dingxing County Police Station.

Recently the Baoding City police have arranged for the large scale arrests of Falun Dafa practitioners from one region to the next, including Laishui County, Gaobeidian City and Zhuozhou City.

July 1, 2008