(Clearwisdom.net) Since Ms. Yin Fengxiu, a practitioner from Yining City, Xinjiang Province, was arrested on June 12, 2008, the Yining police have arrested about 20 more practitioners. The police first made the arrests and then determined the charges. During the illegal interrogations, the police hung the practitioners up and did not allow them to sleep for several days in order to extort "evidence" from them. They also did not allow the practitioners' families to visit them and claimed that the practitioners would not be released before the Olympic Games.

Ms. Yin Fengxue is from the Yili Prefecture Technology Bureau in Xinjiang Province. On June 12, 2008, Lu Aimin, Ma Heping, Han Ren, three or four other policemen from the Yining City Police Department, and Zhao Qing and Han Liping from the Yili Prefecture Technology Bureau took Ms. Yin from her office to her home. Her home was then searched and her teenage daughter was taken to the police department with her. Ms. Yin's daughter was released late that night.

Relevant departments that directly assisted in the persecution:

Yining City Politics and Law Committee, the 610 Office, the police department, the police station and the detention center.
Yining Police Department
Director He Chunchao: 86-999-8020129
Deputy Director Lu Aimin: 86-13899707682 (Cell)
Commissar: 86-999-8021640